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ApollosNight's Avatar

01.11.2019 , 08:05 AM | #1
What's some of your favorite/most memorable moments in playing SWTOR, story or otherwise? Several stick out to me.

1. Asking Lana to marry me. Just.....Lana. Period.

2. Koth, "3 minutes!" in the opening chapters of KOTFE

3. Theron's betrayal reveal

4. Being 'knighted' as Darth Imperius by Darth Marr at the end of the Inquisitor class story.

EVO_D's Avatar

01.11.2019 , 08:41 AM | #2
Playing through Korriban and Dromund Kaas all those years ago during open beta and launch, servers packed with players and knowing there was a lot of content to come, No easy mode levelling in those days.

Engaging and killing my first Jedi player on Tatooine. We had PVP servers back then so the risk of never knowing when you could be attacked was greatly appreciated by me until BW exiled me to dead PVP instances

Gaining Jaesa for my warrior (she has been a fine wife to my Jugg)

Falling in love with the assassin class which has been my main since 2012 (Jugg and close second)

Finishing the Inquisitor and warrior stories (best in game in my opinion)

Exploring Makeb for the first time (Rise of the hutt cartel still my fav expansion) Ahh a whole new planet to explore, thank you BW, all downhill from there tho
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xordevoreaux's Avatar

01.11.2019 , 08:54 AM | #3
I laughed the first 20 times I heard Corso say "Now you're dumb, ugly, AND dead!"
When a hired killer said "There's something unwholesome about a man who names his weapons."
The Illum sky.
The absolutely gorgeous and trippy spacescapes in KOTFE and KOTET in the mostly cinematic chapters.
The first time I ran into an exhaustion zone.
The annoyance of discovering that I had to pay additional CC to unlock an item I already paid for.
The first time I fell down... down... into a crevice on Hoth because I was too busy talking in gen chat while piloting.
Wondering at first why I couldn't leap to enemies on my consular after having played a knight all morning.
First time I had fleet amnesia (zoning to fleet and having no freaking clue why)
Getting the fleet datacron
When Zash revealed her true self.

And my most recent memory was yesterday, when I pleasantly discovered you can call groupies into KOTFE/KOTET (yay me) using Summon Into Quest Story by right-clicking my character portrait.
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01.11.2019 , 09:07 AM | #4
- Hunter's revelation and death at the end of IA's class story, as well as giving up the data to Jadus (hardest choice I probably ever made in this game).

- Darmas Pollaran's betrayal and parting words to the smuggler (about how he would find another form to seduce her again), choosing to go rogue and build your own criminal empire.