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Operative outfit advice (Clone Assassin)

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Operative outfit advice (Clone Assassin)

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01.24.2021 , 05:48 AM | #1
Hello everyone.

Recently been playing around with the idea of creating a Clone Assassin. (From the Episode III video game.)
Ideally Operative (concealment) because it matches the fighting style.
Reference image:

I'm honestly at a loss which fitting armour pieces to go for.
Chestpiece and shoulders seem to be the biggest issue.
For example, several chestpieces I considered:
Fieldtech gunner, Holoshield, Recon Trooper, Battle hardened apprentice, Keeper of Iokath with the Blue/White dye.
For the gloves I was thinking maybe Advanced Slicer ?
Legs could definitely be Freelance Hunter.
As for the rest of the armor pieces (including helm), I have no idea right now.

Any help with building this specific outfit would be greatly appreciated.
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