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When is the Devs putting their money where Jindo Krey is?

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When is the Devs putting their money where Jindo Krey is?

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04.02.2020 , 07:05 AM | #1
Jindo Krey Master Mode is complete and totally BROKEN and it has been since 4.0 patch. The notion we wait soooo long for anyone up there to do a single piece of code for 3 years is ridiculous. Fix it NOW on the next patch. Not when you decide to get to it. The missles hit too hard and too frequent and the mech does not function at all. He is nothing but a spam bot with over powered unmitigatable mechs.

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04.02.2020 , 09:28 AM | #2
There are workarounds to the turrets bugging out. I agree that Bioware should do something about the bugged mechanics, but until then there are ways around them if you want to do MM.

Easiest is just to hold off on dps'ing the boss until the ship is dead. (This will take a while though, and can be boring for everyone but the healer)

Alternatively if you have a good team you can just heal through the damage (really tricky with anything but a fully geared team).
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04.03.2020 , 05:59 AM | #3
To my understanding the cause of this bug is pretty simple, his shield has the same health it had back when level 50 was the cap and now that we do more damage breaking the shield too soon to cause the animation to bug is much easier than it used to be. This was a thing even back at level 50 when the flashpoint was released if you ran 3 dps, these days dots alone can break the shield in the 5 or so seconds that the ship is moving into position and if it breaks during that animation the turrets will not work. Another way to dodge the mechanic is stealth or revive after hitting 3 stacks of the debuff on the tank, most missiles will go on the tank and when you stealth or die you lose the stacks. While they are at it they should adjust the bleeding dot from HK's Gut Shot in the same flashpoint on veteran mode which hits about 10 times harder than master mode which is annoying to deal with if people don't know how to cleanse or have one.