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<Sith Imperium> New Heavy RP guild looking for dedicated members!

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<Sith Imperium> New Heavy RP guild looking for dedicated members!

GalonTreed's Avatar

09.23.2017 , 05:28 PM | #1
Guild Name: Sith Imperium
Faction: Empire
Type: Heavy RP
Voice: Discord

Sith Imperium
A new Heavy RP guild

Guild Leader: Emperor Arestenax Roderick
Second in Command: Imperator Kaieera Midicoil, Voice of the Emperor
Officers: Imperator Andrekios Shay, Chief General and Wrath of the Emperor
Imperator Vaguest Orion, Grand Admiral and Hand of the Emperor
Praetor Ezrian, Minister of State and Commerce
Praetor Jubei'Yagyu'Nuruodo, Minister of Intelligence

Good day Imperial Citizens. I am Imperator Andrekios Shay, representative of the Sith Imperium. Do you tire of serving under Lords who constantly fight amongst themselves vying for power? Do you grow weary of serving under an officer who cares little for the men and women serving under him? Do you thirst for real battle under a true Mandalorian Clan Leader? Look no further, for the Sith Imperium can sate your desire.

History of the Sith Imperium: The Sith Imperium is a Sith Empire formed by Keine Raam in secret with the help of many of his family, peers, and allies. The Imperium was first ruled by Keine, who christened himself as its Emperor, with various other branches, groups, and orders functioning at various levels of the Imperium's structure to serve the Emperor and the Imperium as a whole.
The goal of the Imperium was to reach Amgarrak, the legendary holy world and sanctuary for the Sith as mentioned by Marka Ragnos in many of his ancient texts. The reason for the retreat was due to the Imperium's belief that Vitiate 's Sith Empire was doomed to die in the flames of its war with the Galactic Republic and that in order to save everything the Imperium cherishes, it must flee to Amgarrak and build up its strength to one day return and wage war against the Republic anew.
The Imperium eventually settled on Amgarrak and grew in strength and power but with the disappearance and presumptive death of Emperor Keine, Amgarrak was destroyed by Darth Nostrem of the Dread Masters . The Imperium under the leadership of Emperor Willerick (later known as Darth Arestenax) and she who must not be named *searched the galaxy, eventually settling on Voss , making the Tower of Prophecy their palace and Voss-Ka their capitol city. She who must not be named later abdicated her role.
The Sith Imperium rose to command six galactic sectors at its peak; but internal conflict and the sudden war with the Eternal Empire led to the collapse of the Sith Imperium and its territory while it was under the rule of Darth Kharia, Arestenax's granddaughter. For a short time, the Sith Imperium and its One Sith Order lived in the shadows, with Kharia having sacrificed herself to resurrect their former ruler Darth Arestenax. They gathered the remains of their forces and went into the Indrexu Spiral, stumbling across a small empire of Sith outcasts and subjugating them. With a new base of operations, the Sith Imperium sought to return to its former strength and glory. After many setbacks and with the weakening of Emperor Arestenax, a ritual was performed, changing the timeline the citizens of the Imperium were in. With their members scattered, the Imperium seeks to once again rebuild itself, and to gather new citizens, old and new.

Who we are: We are a Heavy RP guild originally founded on Begeren Colony. We have decided to recently move to Ebon Hawk in order to find new members who share a common interest in our love for RP. The Imperium was founded almost 5 years ago on Begeren Colony by people who wanted to create stories for themselves and for others.

How to join: Our process to joining is extremely simple. We do not require you to sign up on any website. We merely ask that you come with a good attitude and that you conform to the guild lore we've set in place. We welcome anyone with any level of RP experience. Whether you're a powerful Sith, a veteran soldier, a Mandalorian, or anything in between, we welcome you to the Sith Imperium. To join, all you need to do is send an in-game message to any of the officers posted above.

Dilront's Avatar

09.30.2017 , 10:30 AM | #2
I'm on the Ebon Hawk server and I can't find a single trace of you guys. I tried PMing, and friending and I can't find you. My in-game name is Erron Shaw

GalonTreed's Avatar

10.01.2017 , 05:59 PM | #3
Hey Erron thanks for the reply! Our officers will friend you in game so we can find you. We'll be online tonight at 11, as we have an RP planned. Once you're online, we'll send you a whisper and get you in the guild if you're interested!

Zethrax's Avatar

11.06.2017 , 06:43 PM | #4
I couldn't find you either.

DonIskar's Avatar

11.12.2017 , 07:24 PM | #5
How active is the guild and how many members are there currently?

Brainfrze's Avatar

12.27.2017 , 10:53 PM | #6
I'm looking to join. Who would I message or contact?

JMParadise's Avatar

01.04.2018 , 10:43 PM | #7
Looking to join, have a few years of experience with online lore friendly rp, but this will be my first time with a gaming rp and looking forward to it. what server is the guild on since the merge?

Leetry's Avatar

01.11.2018 , 06:08 AM | #8
Hello, I would like to join,but it seems I am not able to find any of the officers ingame.Character name is Acamaren

vulpinesoul's Avatar

01.30.2018 , 01:18 AM | #9
Looking to join an RP Guild Empire side, I haven't been able to locate any officers of of the Imperium but I am interested. In Game Name Ja'Ashi Qo'Nex

MichaelBatelli's Avatar

01.31.2018 , 12:55 PM | #10
So, how do you join?