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<Legacy> PvE/PvP/RP Come Start A Legacy!

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<Legacy> PvE/PvP/RP Come Start A Legacy!

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07.27.2016 , 12:40 PM | #1

| HEAVY PVE | Heavy PvP | Light RP| Social

Guild Name: Legacy
Type: PvE/PvP/RP/Conquest
Voice: Discord
Recruiting: 18+ Mature Players

Greetings all,

Legacy is a Massive Community of PvE'ers, PvPers and RPers. We are Extremely active spotting anywhere from 30-55 online at Server prime time. We are a very dedicated much of individuals to swtor spotting anywhere from 2-3 Events daily deepening on the day. There is something for everyone to take part in rather PvE, PVP RP or something that may not relate to all three of them like Trivia with prize pools worth 50mil on some prizes.

Legacy is a Massive Social Guild located on the Ebon Hawk Server. we are mainly a Imperial Side based Guild but also have a Republic Side guild. we have been around for going on Two years now but the founders knowing each for many years now. we founded legacy on the belief that we could create a Guild where it always changes in all aspects as the game changes. not settling on a dictatorship but a term based system where everyone and anyone can rise up and take lead to make a difference. We are one of the Largest Social Guilds Located on the Ebon Hawk.
We take part in All aspects of Swtor Including PvE/PvP/RP and Conquest. With an Active Officer-core we have Events Scheduled Everyday of the week involving everything from 16 man raids to PVP premades, our Involving RP story based on the Zakuul War and Datacrons and even our own crafted events such as Battle Chess, Fox hunts, Human Darts, Extreme Trivia for prizes , DJ night and much much more.


Our Ranking system is based on "Trials" where a member can simply choose to complete in game task involving PVE/PvP/RP or misc things to rise up in the guild will promoting members to become more socially engaged with one another, creating lasting friendships for years to come.

PvE In Legacy you will find that we love to do PvE Content. you will also find that we not only do Traditional 8 man Raids numerous times a week and our Twice a Week 16 mans and also Classes were we teach each fight to new comers into raiding so that they may properly understand how each fight works so in turn they can groom the new comers into raiding we also do World Boss Runs every week, Flashpoint groupings for both Veteran and Master Mode Farming and even those pesky Master Mode Uprisings, but maybe you are just plain out bored with all of that and want something harder? Legacy is also one of the very few guilds on the Ebon Hawk taking part in Hard Mode Progression and with our first team filled and clearing content we are looking to start up a Second Team with our only goal in mind of getting players familiar with Hard modes and to help-restrengthen to raiding community on the Ebon Hawk with out the Elitist Attitude that many guilds tend to display.


We have a Extremely Active PvP crowd and player base in legacy. You will find PvP unranked Both Casual and Traditional in Legacy as well as Taking part in Group ranked PvP. along with unranked and Group ranked we also host open world PvP centered events though being more so a Guild only thing we are opening up for server wide hosting pvp events on Iokath, Oricon, Ilum and the Black hole in the months to come! maybe you are new to pvp and have no clue on how any of the maps work or you are confused on how each class works we have Events dedicated to each new comers on each pvp map, what works and does not work in pvp.
Legacy has always had a Active Presence in RP having our story taking place during the time of the Zakuul war and with Legacy being an Alliance based guild. our story is always progressing and changing, with Cantina events and RP classes as well as our Four divisions for that every member may take part in including Force users, Underworld, Research and Military.


Morale is everything that does not typically include PvE/PvP or RP such as Trivia, Speeder racing , Battle Chess, Human Darts, Recruiting Events, Fox Hunts, outfit and Stronghold Contest and DJ Nights in our Discord. we pride our-self with running morale events every week and having major/large scale Morale events every month
In closing We are overall extremely active hitting Thirty to Forty-five players online at server prime on weekends and Twenty-five to Thirty online every night of the week. we love being active because its always better to have some one online to chat and play with at any time of the day... day or night.. 5: PM or 5: AM

To ascend in rank within the guild a member must complete a set of requirements per rank. These requirements are set forth by the Progenitors and may evolve via majority vote of the Consul. The requirements shall be clearly stated and followed by the member and approved only by Imperator, Consul or Prefect. To attain Sub-officer rank, a member must first attain the rank of Citizen. For a member to attain the officer Rank of Consul the member must have attain the rank of Tribune an have been a Praetor.

We run weekly events involving PVE/PVP/RP and Conquest, our guild calendar is constantly filled with events for all members to engage in. We have dedicated officers who cater to the members in order to improve game play experience for the guild.

The ruling body of the guild includes the Imperator and Consuls. The positions are for a term of only Four months, broken into three terms in a year. An officer can serve a limit of two consecutive terms then must rest for one term before they can serve again.

We use Discord frequently rather it is for friendly discussions, PvP matches, or operations. discord however is only required for progression runs, but we do like to strongly encourage members to use discord from time to time. Our website is extremely active with members posing guides on all aspects of the game for the betterment of the new members who are starting SWTOR for the first time. It is guaranteed that if we are not in game we are on our website.

Come Check out our Discord!
If you are looking for a calm, stress free place to hang out with like minded people away from drama, or to simply socialize and grow with a dedicated guild for the players by the players who actually still care about this game then Legacy is the waiting for you!

Come start a Legacy

If interested in joining or learning more about our Guild, Visit our Guild website and Fill out an application, a Officer will contact you within 24 hours of Submitting the Application.

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08.02.2016 , 03:42 PM | #2
Our guild has people active playing all day. We do PvE and PvP content quite a bit. Growing our RP and are looking for more RP interested players. We like having fun in TS and is a very friendly environment. Check us out, you can just message us in game. Come check out the site and see what's going on!

Almeria's Avatar

08.02.2016 , 04:06 PM | #3
From someone who has played mmos since 2000 beginning with Everquest this guild has accomplished so much in the short time its been around. Its amazingly active something is always going on rather its pvp, flashpoints, operations, conquest. We are crazy we like to have fun and at the same time are very dedicated to our guild. We love to have new people join us.

A common issue with larger guilds is people get left behind or seen as a number we try our hardest not to allow this to happen. There is something for everyone in Legacy.

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08.23.2016 , 01:09 PM | #4
Legacy has been Growing! Stop by our Website to Check us out!

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09.03.2016 , 11:59 AM | #5
Swing by our Website to check us out!

lukrlrrr's Avatar

09.15.2016 , 10:06 AM | #6
With our Prog team in full swing, Upcoming RP events and Conquest in full swing, stop by and check out our Website and Apply!

Sylyris's Avatar

09.18.2016 , 05:15 PM | #7
I'm a member and love this guild. I would just to give you a couple examples of the types of people you will encounter in this guild.

My first day in the guild I was specifically asked to join in on an event even though my character was lower level.

Once I hit level 65 I joined in a spontaneous event for a Hard Mode Flashpoint. I had recently respeced to healer. Without any prompting or questions one of the group members actually made note of my struggles and even helped me set up a rotation that not only solved my struggles but made me fully confident in healing both Hard Mode Flashpoints and Operations.

I know personally more often than not when I log on to play I don't tend to think anything of other people's play styles and am typically lost in trying to do the best that I can. I was extremely grateful to get the unsolicited assistance and was even happier that although my healing struggles held up the group a bit everyone stuck with it till the boss was done.

I've been with this guild for a couple of months and am extremely happy to be a member of Legacy and continue to make new friends everyday!

Anyone looking for a great guild full of outstanding people should give Legacy a try!

lukrlrrr's Avatar

09.27.2016 , 09:28 PM | #8
Looking for a Social Atmosphere that is Friendly and Helpful? no matter if you are new or a Veteran Player, Legacy is the Guild for you!
Maybe you wish to find a Guild where you are able to Climb the Guild Ranks?

Legacy is ever Growing and ever Expanding, PvE/PvP/RP and Even Conquest,Come see what we are about!

Check out our Guild website for more information on us or to Apply.

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10.02.2016 , 10:23 PM | #9
Legacy is always Recruiting and always Growing!
If you are looking for a Extremely Active Guild both in game and on our Forums and Teamspeak that is Social and engages in all aspects of swtor, then Come check us out!

From Conquest, Prog Raiding,Organized Unranked and Ranked PvP Runs, RP Events and Members helping Newer members with their DvL, We may be the Place for you!

Stop by our Website and Fill out a Application, a Officer will then Contact you within 24 hours to invite!

PaladinSix's Avatar

10.03.2016 , 09:44 PM | #10
Good guild here. Lot's to do!