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<House Sylvalum> Heavy RP, Casual PvE/PvP Guild, (18+), Republic Side.

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<House Sylvalum> Heavy RP, Casual PvE/PvP Guild, (18+), Republic Side.

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10.22.2017 , 12:54 PM | #1
<House Sylvalum> is a House of nobility, Jedi, common-folk, and criminals alike, all overseen by the queen, Caoimhe Maebh, and members of her council. We strive to be a neutral safe haven for victims of war, slavery, and the like. Also, we provide lifesaving drugs and herbs to civilians of both the Republic and the Empire, doing our best to peacefully comfort the pain shared all across the galaxy.
Kept behind closed doors, in hushed tones, are the illegal drugs we produce and distribute. A large portion of a crime syndicate was absorbed by the House, so not utilizing their talents would be a waste. Not all who find shelter within our walls know of this trade, which is probably for the best.

-Main theme is Royalty-


1. Consent; No means No. Do not force anything on anyone, and if they wish to end an RP, drop it immediately.
2. ERP is allowed, but again, it all falls back to rule 1.
3. We are all friends, no drama OOC, keep things under control and be an adult about it.

Outside of that, we are all very open and easy going.

We are fairly new, many members are coming from a guild IMP side. We want to develop a serious heavy story line and we need your help.

I can answer more questions in game or on this post if you have any questions. This post is also a WIP, meaning I may edit it further down the road.

We also maintain an Enjin sight and a Discord server, all of which will be disclosed if you are accepted.

People you can contact if you wish to join the guild:


Caoimhe Maebh

Cirrilli Otegahn



Jenna Lynne

Pol Altera


- If you have any further questions or none of the recruiters are online, please leave your info on this post, or Private message me on these forums and I'll get to you asap. We really look forward to working with you.

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01.13.2018 , 12:31 AM | #2
How many people do you have?

Voras's Avatar

01.23.2018 , 06:32 PM | #3
I have sent you a private message but I do have a few questions:

- Is the Queen an NPC or a player?

- Is SW lore important? Are people in the guild lore junkies (Canon or Legends) or loose with it?

- Is there a level restriction for applying?

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02.19.2018 , 09:55 PM | #4
Can I join? Im a lvl 67 Vanguard and I like to RP. Name: Phi-ro Server: Star Forge Age: 17