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Can't defeat Gemini Captain

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Can't defeat Gemini Captain

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10.14.2019 , 09:57 AM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by Missy_Betros View Post
what interrupts here agent here and nothing will interrupt
All classes have one ability that interrupts. Unless you mean an actual *Agent* rather than a Sniper or Operative(0). That said, if the boss has the relevant flavour of "boss immunity"(1), it can't be interrupted.

(0) That hasn't been possible on new characters since 5.0 dropped, and it requires some thought to preserve a character's "base-class-ness" if the character was created before 5.0.

(1) There are two flavours, and some bosses have both:
* Immune to CC abilities (stun, knockback, slow, etc.)
* Immune to Interrupts.
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