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Force wielders

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06.09.2014 , 01:46 PM | #1
So originally the Ones had all been Celestials, with the Son drinking from the Font of Power and the Daughter swimming in the Pool of Knowledge to gain their powers, but how did the Father get his powers?

In Apocalypse I think it's inferred that the Father was a Celestial that had became a Force wielder, which is what every Celestial hopes to become. How does one transcend to that without the Font or Pool, and since he proved it possible, are there other Celestials that had become Force wielders, or are those three the only ones?

Edit: Also, with The Ones dead, and whether or not we consider the EU and Abeloth, how does the Force retain balance? With Abeloth unable to properly be permanently killed, it's rather in her favor.