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The Gravestone: Server Really Slow, Can't talk to Lana Beniko

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The Gravestone: Server Really Slow, Can't talk to Lana Beniko

GubGoliath's Avatar

01.13.2018 , 10:13 PM | #1
Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 5.

I'm at the part where we have to talk to Lana Beniko right after The Gravestone took off into space. Players and I have been waiting for hours now with Lana not showing up because the sever is still loading her in. We are only accompanied by Senya and that's it. Anyone else having trouble with this.

Only The Gravestone has the slow server problem.

GubGoliath's Avatar

01.13.2018 , 10:26 PM | #2
Update: Lana Finally loaded in, but server is still really slow. Dialogue is slow

herschelsavage's Avatar

01.14.2018 , 01:03 PM | #3
did you have trouble activating the gravestones elevator cause I am the panel doesn't show up

ReconAsasin's Avatar

01.14.2018 , 02:10 PM | #4
i did get to talk with lana but im stuck on chapter 15 the lift button wont load and it is soooo annoying iv been waiting for ages

Fawalken's Avatar

01.14.2018 , 04:17 PM | #5
This is still going on today. Everything on the Gravestone is super slow. Other places are fine. Guessing they have a server problem.

Dracofish's Avatar

01.15.2018 , 12:25 AM | #6
I just ran through Chapter 5 without any issue on Star Forge. Are you sure it's not an issue on your end?
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