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Help for the Noob and any player!!! Theres tons of folks that share their knowledge..

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Help for the Noob and any player!!! Theres tons of folks that share their knowledge..

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03.20.2017 , 11:27 AM | #1
Been around playing for quite a while and there are lots of great guides to help in all categories. But sometimes you just have to search for those little ones that are out there that help the others out... Read the Stickys, use the search engine, or just plan ask in a post just what you're looing for... Just a few to start out with....

RE-ing heres a great guide...

From psandak, this person has a lot of great info to share...

Quote: Originally Posted by psandak View Post
I've seen roughly a dozen posts in the last week in various threads regarding the inability to RE item modifications for schematics.

So the rules (as I know them) are as follows:

You get an item from a command crate ...the item modifications within (be they from main or alt so long as you can drop them into BOL to transfer them) or the item itself (no way to transfer) MUST BE PURPLE to get the schematic. PERIOD! end of discussion.
  • If it is blue or green you will get a "no research available" in the tooltip.
  • If you RE one of these items you will get the schematic for that item i.e. RE a versatile armoring 46 AKA rating 230 purple and you will get the schematic for the rating 230 purple
  • (NOTE: REing a set bonus armoring WILL NOT generate an armoring schematic with a set bonus; the craftable armoring will be generic)
  • left side pieces (Relics, Implants, and Ear Pieces) from command crates appear to be unable to RE for schematics regardless of color. NO IDEA why this is, might be a bug.

Schematics learned through the trainers create blue quality items.
  • These are the ONLY blue quality items that can be REed for a purple schematic.
  • If you RE one of these items you will get the schematic for an improved version of that item i.e. craft a grade 45 rating 220 blue versatile armoring and you will get a grade 45 rating 228 purple versatile armoring.

The difference between trained and command crate? Craft something you got from the trainer and you only have a 60% RE chance. RE something from a command crate item and you have a 100% chance.

You CANNOT RE for schematics an item purchased with credits or other "currency". Whether that is crafted by someone else or from an NPC vendor does not matter. i.e. if you purchase an item modification off the GTN in the hopes of REing it for the schematic it will not work; or you buy from Jeelvic the Jawa (or ANY NPC) it will not work.

Color crystals acquired from ops are no longer REable for schematics - this change happened in 4.x
DorjeeVajra posted this spreadsheet to help and there are tons more of great info in the forums.

My Recommendation to any new, returning players or just plan needed info, search the forums... There are a lot of players that have great advice, recommendations and know(s) the ins and outs of stuff.....
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03.21.2017 , 03:20 AM | #2
I can add one item on REing trainer blues:
* Modification items (armorings etc) are 220 blue min level 65 ==> 228 purple min level 68.
* Fixed-stat items (armour, weapons, etc) are 220 blue min level 66 ==> 228 purple min level 66.
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