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how many players are really playing?

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how many players are really playing?

DeVanagloris's Avatar

10.21.2017 , 05:09 AM | #11
When it's peak time on TRE, most populated server on the game, let's be generous and say there are two completely full fleet instances plus half of the other one. So 180x2+90=450 on the fleet alone.

Now, there's people on starter planets, DK and Coruscant, guild flagships and SHs. Besides that, there are usually around 30-40 people all the way up from Balmorra to Alderaan. Planets like Zakuul or Oddessen have around 20 people. All this is peak times on TRE, checked by myself several times.

Obviously, different people play at different times, and i'm not counting people doing ops, pvp, or other dailies. Roughly i'd say around 100k active players is quite a generous amount to estimate, so i'll go with that.
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Janglor's Avatar

10.21.2017 , 06:40 AM | #12
I would be shocked if this game has 100k unique after players. Harb has been the shining bastion of population for years and its gotten noticeably lighter since 5.0.

Costello's Avatar

10.21.2017 , 06:54 AM | #13
Sadly I think 100k is incredibly generous. If the devs read this thread I suspect they will read that and wish they had 100k.

While the game is free to play and we aren't talking about subscribers I've sadly not seen anything recently to make me think that more that 10k players are about. Since the end of the daily bug I can go to areas and be the only person on a planet.

Now its free to play and people still don't want to play would hopefully be a wake up call to the dev team, why is this, what can be done to improve. Unfortunately I don't think this is the case but then how the game is set up with kills and objects being solo reward, can you imagine 100 people on Yavin all looking to get 6 relics. More people may be detrimental to the open world experience.