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Any talk of new Species lately?

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Any talk of new Species lately?

Darth-Obvious's Avatar

10.20.2017 , 09:20 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
Cyborg shouldn't be acknowledged as noticeably different to human anyway. Well, except if the question of the cybernetics shows up, but you shouldn't be greeted as "alien filth" by Bessiker Junior, for example.

But it's somewhat jarring for Jadus's bodyguards to tell your agent and Kaliyo on Dromund Kaas that "The Rattataki must wait outside" when you are also a Rattataki.

There's more than just Voss that should change:
* The end of the Battle for Ilum FP.
* All your conversations with Sana-Rae (If you're a Voss, you know what Mystics are, so you don't automatically think it's weird that she left Voss to join the Alliance.)
* The sequences leading up to Voss where everyone treats it as a mystery world.
* Anything involving Jedi training, like, say, being a Consular or Knight, when you get to Voss and realise the peculiarity of nobody on Tython ever even noticing that you're from this place with Force users who are neither light nor dark, that is, almost Sith.

But Voss itself would become pretty much complete gibberish if the player was a Voss. Not one thing said by one NPC or even the player would make sense(1). (Notably the Agent story would make even less sense than the others.)

(1) I'm exaggerating slightly here, but only slightly. I'm thinking notably of that one Republic Planetary Arc mission with the Imperial spy - your conversation with him would actually be vaguely reasonable even if you are a Voss.
You can apply the above problems to a number of races. Not those specific instances mind you, but as it's been pointed out the Cathar being playable creates a number of oddities as well. I used Voss as an example because it would probably be the most obvious or noticeable of a lore breaking playable race.

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10.20.2017 , 09:34 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
That's because they didn't rewrite the conversations and/or add new branches when they added playable Cathar. The guy who gives the "Stolen Medicine" mission will carefully tell your Cathar character what a Cathar is, for example, as if you wouldn't know.
Yeah that happened with races like Chiss becoming available for all classes too - I believe there is a smuggler class quest where you are trying to access an imperial ship with a stolen imperial ID and you are kind of called out on it because the id is from a chiss but you "obviously" aren't. But now you can play a chiss smuggler and this doesn't really fit anymore. They never changed it and never will I guess.

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10.20.2017 , 09:35 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth-Obvious View Post
They mentioned something about species on the last livestream although the notes I read on it were vague. I couldn't tell if they were talking about new species or upgrading the existing ones.
Really? Haven't noticed that. I would like new species - Kel Dor would be my favourite but I already know they will never do that because this will get problematic with romance scenes. Nautolan would be my next favourite so I hope they will do that someday.