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Login Rewards in 6.2 - Feedback

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Login Rewards in 6.2 - Feedback
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Dakkus's Avatar

01.03.2021 , 07:44 AM | #81
[*]Were you able to easily locate the Login Reward system?
[*]Do you feel the addition of the Subscriber Weekly Bonus provides additional value to your subscription?
-----Not really.
[*]Does the reward structure feel good? Do you feel that items near the end of a calendar are of higher value?
-----Not really, except for the cartel certificate.
[*]In general, which rewards are the most/least valuable to you?
-----Cartel Certificate most, credits/stims/xp boosts least
[*]After spending some time with Login Rewards, are there any aspects of the system which remain unclear to you?
-----All of my claimed rewards that came in a yellow-ish crate disappear on use. So I'm unclear as to why this happens.
[*]There are 3 Login Reward calendars to go through. In general, how do you feel about this? Do you feel it will help in keeping the Login Reward system fresh and exciting?

-----Since I've gotten nothing via rewards except for some valor, prefabs that came in a unique case, and some standard gifts which were low grade 3, I'd say the reward system seems to be useless. Anything claimed with "claim all" comes in a bundle case or something and they disappear on use without giving anything. I don't pvp so valor is useless to me, though it did give me skirmisher achievement so that was something I guess. The credits are useless. One flashpoint grants far more than what all of the login credit reward tokens would give. Assorted scrap parts are fairly easy to get with slicing and deconstruction. So much so that between me and my wife we have multiple 9k stacks. XP boosts are given via quest frequent enough that you don't need them from login rewards until you level through flashpoints only. All the stims are trash quality. I have no comment on the bag of dyes and artifact bag since like I mentioned, anything that I got through "claim all" turned into a yellow crate which gave me nothing.

If you want to give xp boosts, make them unique login reward xp boosts that can be used along side regular xp boosts so they stack. Otherwise they aren't worth much. Find the most expensive dyes on the GTN and make then login rewards randomly.

Login for a month straight (or a month accumulated) and get a character transfer, character login or auto-applied/character bound commander token/master datacron. Yeah this cuts into cartel market sales or gtn sales to an extent, but that's a benefit of logging in and actually player for something. Counter balance this by making it so you need to be logged in for an hour daily to get a login reward to encourage being active only as opposed to logging in and not playing. The login rewards are already trash, so might as well make them good, but require people to actually play. It'll be more accepted.

Give certificates that will allow buying from kai zykken at a discounted rate, or buy from him when its not the weekend.

I get wanting to make login rewards useful, but limited, but you have to keep in mind that most useless/semi useful things are already easy to get. This isn't a free to play game designed to choke resource access to force longer gameplay (apart from armor farming) So most things people can get if they want them en masse. So you have to give hard to get or unique items for login rewards. That's why the dyes, prefab collection, embers, light/dark side tokens, solid resources matrix's, flagship plans and cartel certificate are the only real useful bits I can think of right now - unless you pvp which would make valor useful. I don't know how useful each tier's end reward chests are since like I mentioned, it all bugged and I got nothing from those claim-all crates. So maybe they were useful, but I've no idea.

denavin's Avatar

01.07.2021 , 12:15 AM | #82
How do the Tiers progress?
If you claim all the rewards for a week does it progress to then next Tier?
Or do you have to leave them Unclaimed for the Tier to advance?
If you leave the rewards for the week what happens to them?
Do they disappear?
Do you get them in your Mail?
If you don't claim them are the rewards Lost?

This operation if this whole thing is a little vague
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Jesseriah's Avatar

01.07.2021 , 04:13 AM | #83
Probably should fix the bug(?) that different calendars give nearly, when not exactly the same, rewards. At least for me the "United Efforts" Calendar gives 1:1 the same rewards as the "Strength in Allies" did. I double checked to be sure.
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Kaveat's Avatar

01.11.2021 , 06:44 AM | #84
Is 'the plan' really that OCD and inflexible that it just has to have it so microscopically regulated (annoying) that it is somehow going to break the game if it is not?

If it keep on being so stuffy and boring, people are going to just ignore it.
Feed it some Jello and silly-putty, let it flex and bend.

a) 90% of the the rewards are, at best, underwhelming. This is where awarding a token 'currency' for each day /week and having a vendor for players to choose what to buy (and when) is generally more acceptable.
- EG: the DvL L/D vendors. we get the currency, to save or spend as we see fit. once we have all the lesser items we want, we can just let the tokens max out to get the 'ultimate' item.

b) make all 'grant' items stackable. you made them legacy to be shareable between characters, why not stackable??
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Morisoto's Avatar

01.17.2021 , 10:30 AM | #85
I'm not able to get my cartel certs at all, it says I reached them, but the ability to claim them isn't there.