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Sith Alchemy Class & Blackwing Class

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Sith Alchemy Class & Blackwing Class

_Napalm_Death's Avatar

04.08.2021 , 04:46 AM | #1
Hi there, so first off i'm a big fan of ranged combat, i'm almost always play as the mage, sorceror, healer, buff and debuff in games, Anyways so i thought of this concept that could benefit the game, two new classes that can be specializations for both assassin and sorceror:


Anyone who knows the lesser known lore, will know this one, It was an failed experiment by Darth Drear to create immortality but failed and became an nasty virus that revives the dead.

Now gameplay wise, its essentially your necromancer class, infect one enemy, once he dies, he auto revives into a skeleton warrior based on his class before he became..well dead.

For PVE: It would be great to have a class that brings up temporary allies, say use the template of the Dragon Age Origins necromancer path and have the enemy around for say 10-20sec before expiring so not to be overpowering

Sith Alchemy Class:

So this would be an interesting one, In theory it would be much like Skyrim's Conjuration branch, as you gain levels you get spells that allows you to summon different creatures to fight alongside you temporarily, from a kath to a rancor, you can also take ideas from Spectral, where the entities passes through the opponent, temporarily freezing them and causing internal damage, In theory it can work, especially with the Sorceror Class Story Chapter 2 its essentially that exact thing, It can be used definitely either for an offensive role as mentioned above or defensive having a stronger defense or shield around you for a short time

PVE: now my field of expertise lol, for pve this would be great, able to annoy the enemy with spirits, freezing them etc, I don't play pvp so i'm not focused on that part though it could be helpful there as well

Enticy's Avatar

04.11.2021 , 07:19 PM | #2
Both of those classes would have major problems in PvP. Your necromancer, aside from sounded like a DOT spec with a resurrection mechanic, would be the most problematic. Itís simple to have an enemy player tunneled, revived, and then guarded so it takes longer to destroy them. Then, that played will be stuck waiting for their body to come back before they can respawn. That means you can just outright eliminate people for minutes at a time while they just sit and watch frustrated. And thatís assuming that the resurrection mechanic kicks in when the player dies. If you have to cast on a dead body, youíd need to be really quick to get someone before they respawn.

And if the player can somehow respawn without their body, then youíll end up with a giant clusterf**k of bodies that will practically set the servers on fire. Regular 8v8 PvP is hard enough to keep track of without adds. Hence the main problem with your alchemist/summoner as you described it. P

Also, with your necromancer, how would that work with droids? Because if it doesnít, then there are missions where youíll just be an underpowered Madness Sorc. My referral link.

_Napalm_Death's Avatar

04.12.2021 , 03:12 AM | #3
Not really, you don't understand nor seem to know the lore behind the concept but that's cool, was expecting that comment anyways
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