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Fixes to Tactics?

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07.17.2012 , 07:34 PM | #1
Hey, Here are some proposed fixes that could be implemented into the talent trees for Tactics: People don't seem to be playing the spec the way the Devs intended; not taking HEC, most builds I see are hybrids as opposed to full Tactics builds, and many people I see playing don't use Pulse Cannon everytime they get 5 stacks of PCG. Also, they don't go all the way up for Hamstring. These changes could fix that:

First and foremost, Pulse Cannon needs a buff for us. Either a straight up damage buff, or (Preferably), adding it to Havoc Training, giving us 30% crit damage to Pulse Cannon,

Serrated Blades SUCKS! Gut is not worth the ammo, according to some players.. Sure, it does more damage than Ion Pulse, slightly, but requires melee range! Same with Stock Strike, but let's just focus on Gut. Gut is really just something to add on for procs. I think that Serrated Blades should be replaced with something along the lines of "Damage dealt by Stock Strike and Gut have a [10%/20%/30%] to make the next Pulse Cannonr free. I sort of took this from someone else (Cannot remember name, sorry), who proposed it, because we're usually in a hurry to deploy a Pulse Cannon, and we're at about 6 - 7 ammo which really has us lose a lot of DPS. I don't wanna have to use RPC (Reserve Power Cell) every time I run out of ammo due to Pulse Cannon.,

Lastly, the stance: HEC is bad by most people's standards, as most people use the tank stance, because it's the only tank stance that doesn't limit damage by lowering it. In fact, it has extra damage than being stanceless! The other two tanks can't DPS in tank stance, but we can. Increasing HEC's damage to something better (10%?), or, give it a proc! I imagine it would synergize well with the... proc-e-ness... of the spec. And of course it'll be all about ammo conservation. How about elemental and internal damage has a 20% to make our next ammo spender free? I'm all out of ideas, so discuss.
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