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low level tanking gear

gabigool's Avatar

07.15.2012 , 11:47 PM | #1
I'm level 29, most of my time is spent tanking FPs. I just rerolled onto a new server so I don't have credits to gear up through GTN but I'm noticing especially with FP loot I'm seeing a lot of Crit/Power on gear but zero defense/shield etc.

Am I supposed to be focusing on mitigation this early? If so, any advice/recommendations on how to go about doing so? Ive skipped most quests except for BH story since I left Hutta, but even the story mode quest rewards seems to be geared more towards DPS than Tanking. Commendation Mods/Enhancements too. Any quest stick out in particular that gave a great piece of tanking gear?

On my old server I recall most of the crew skills (I had a bunch at 400) didn't have great tanking crafted items (at least mods etc), although I never had an armormech. Is that the way to go?

Basically just looking for some advice; I ran Cademimu today at 29 for first time and I'm not sure if it was my healer but I got destroyed on a couple trash pulls. Bosses were cake. I had agro on the trash too, not like the healer was getting beaten on. My gear was basically everything from MR I could get, only lower level (22ish) item was my shield.

Pubsam's Avatar

07.16.2012 , 10:20 AM | #2
I did all the planet side quests, and if I remember right you don't start seeing tank gear for some time... thinking Act II at least. And by 'tank gear' I mean getting offered a mod or enhancement with +Absorb on it.

So no, pretty sure you should be worried about stats like +Shield, +Absorb, +Defense yet, just go for armor and endurance. If you're getting wrecked on trash pulls though, remember you can CC. Every healer AC has really decent CCs, and the DPS might have some as well.

Also make sure your DPS are following a normal>strong>elite kill order. Normals die in like 2 seconds if the DPS are trying, but if left alive can be deceptively harmful to your health (if you're managing to tank them and they aren't ganging up on the healer).
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WaldoA's Avatar

07.16.2012 , 10:35 AM | #3
I rolled PT so I could be a tank, but stayed Pyro tree all the way till 40 and then begun to tank using the Coercion PvP set because it's a great starter, you don't really need to tank at low levels as it just slows leveling process right down. Just use Pyro tree and you'll fly through the levels and start collecting Coercion from PvP vendor if you want

TheronFett's Avatar

07.16.2012 , 10:38 AM | #4
PT tanking stats (Shield/Absorb) isn't available on gear mods until ~ level 30-35. Up until then, you pretty much just have to rely on your tanking stance, shield generator, and skill point investment.

Dademoor's Avatar

07.18.2012 , 12:10 PM | #5
I leveled as a Shield Tech tank spec with 2 BHs now. The second time I stacked Aim and Offensive stats until around level 40 and was able to tank every FP on the way.

I had a pretty experienced healer with me 100% of the time tho, so I may be a bad example. On the plus side, my DPS was amazing while leveling this way. I hate respecing in MMOs before max level (there are always those last few points you want to switch around) so by stacking offensive stats while in a tank spec I accomplished what I was after.

Was also able to solo all the HEROIC 2's with only Mako healing me. All HEROIC 4's were done with just myself, Mako, my healer friend and her DPS companion.

Once you hit your 40s and start switching over to Endurance/Defence/Shield/Absorb stats you may want to drop Mako and pick up either Torian, or Gault to pick up the loss to DPS your going to suffer.
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