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PVP and Rotations?

luisjunior's Avatar

07.20.2012 , 07:34 AM | #1
hey guys just wondering if this is okay for my pvp vanguard
ive been told that aim isnt used in pvp and it has confused the hell out of me so wondering what u guys thought on that.....
another thing is that i dont know what it means by rotation.... with this build ive just been spamming ion pulse, stockstrike and high impact bolt whenever its available..

Atracin's Avatar

07.20.2012 , 10:03 AM | #2
Troopers always have more use for aim, it's Accuracy that we have excess of.
Your build looks okay. Personally, I don't run two talents that you have taken: Degauss and Reflexive Shield. You shouldn't be popping Reactive Shield if you have only been snared. I think the points in Reflexive Shield would be better spent in Parallactic Combat Stims, if you're snared you should be able to get off one more Ion Pulse, and hopefully proc HiB. Degauss I can see the utility of it, but I would really think about swapping Reflexive Shield for Parallactic Combat Stims.

Rotation refers to the order of the abilities that we use
Ex: My rotation is...
Opening up with Incendiary Round
Assault Plastique
Hammer Shot (moving towards target)
Firing HiB at the same moment AP detonates
Stock Strike (after this trying to hang around the 10m range)
Ion Pulse
-- And depending on the health of a target, I'll blast HiB right away as soon as it becomes available. Using my taunts as much as I can. If you're waiting for AP to finish its cooldown or running low on ammo, Hammer Shot until you can use these abilities again.--

Usually spamming Ion Pulse and Stock Strike will drain your ammo pretty quickly. A rotation should help manage that.
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07.20.2012 , 01:43 PM | #3
If you want to run an AP (assault plastique) build. then is is about maximizing your burst and using the AP as spike damage. i.e. kill the other person before they kill me. your damage is your best defense.

try this build
that build allows you to gain ammo by crits on attacks, popping reserve power cell, and when you get stunned or immobilized. this allows you to lay out more damage in a short period of time. you bypass other cooldowns because you want to kill the other person first. typically popping Adrenaline Rush will give you enough time to win the engagement. remember that you goal is to get the other person at or below 30% life and let your dots get some time in as they will be at maximum damage.

If you want to use Ion pulse more try this build

It gives you the maximum benefit for stacking AIM (steely resolve) but also gives you 6% damage bonus to Ion Pulse. you still max you HIB (high impact bolt) potential. you lose AP, but gain more overall damage. I use this spec in rateds. since switching to this spec i am 30-0 in rateds. though i just stared testing a new spec

where you pick up Burnout again.

In summation. I like AP builds, but you need to max your damage. the first build. if you want to look at taking your build in a little different direction, try my other builds. I am max War Hero gear, all augmented mostly with Aim.
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