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Training Dummies in Alderaan Ruins

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Training Dummies in Alderaan Ruins

jedimasterjac's Avatar

02.13.2020 , 04:19 PM | #1
Is there a way to remove the dummy in the ruins part of the Alderaan SH?

I've wanted training dummies for a long, long time, but their specific location feels really weird. It's those old ruins, and I've just put training targets up? Why?
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TonyTricicolo's Avatar

02.14.2020 , 08:37 AM | #2
I thought the same thing. I like combat dummies. I don't like the ruins. Puting the combat dummies in the ruins doesn't make the ruins better. Let us place the dummies where we want.

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Travddm's Avatar

02.14.2020 , 04:41 PM | #3
I agree. Combat/Operations Training Dummies should probably be decorations that we can place wherever, not confined to a specific location per-stronghold. Some Strongholds just straight up don't have them, which sucks because our guild completely ditched our beloved Yavin Stronghold in favor of Alderaan since it has training dummies.

Furthermore, the placement of the training dummies within the Alderaan stronghold has two issues:
1. They're too close together to actually be useful. For example, I cannot parse my DPS on those dummies because my Chain Lightning hits all of them rather than the single target I'm focusing, screwing up the parse.
2. Since the dummies themselves are basically useless for parsing, this also renders the ruins they're in almost completely useless - I can't put anything that I would much rather have in those ruins.

Please at the very least spread them out so we're not accidentally hitting multiple of those targets with our AoEs while using them. Thanks!