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Feast of Prosperity Event - Feedback

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Feast of Prosperity Event - Feedback
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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10.05.2020 , 11:51 PM | #21
Ok, I've done two separate days on the PTS with the feast and I really enjoyed today's session. I've got a variety of opinions and requests, so I will try to break it up with spoiler tags. I'll answer the requested questions first and give my other thoughts after that.


Main Feedback Answers


Cantina Rush


Prep Work



Cantina Rush Additional Thoughts

Cooking Additional Thoughts

Prep Work Additional Thoughts

Feast of Prosperity Token Vendor

Thoughts on Additional Rewards

Other Miscellaneous Feedback

Pictures of Things I Would Like to See Made Available as Rewards
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10.06.2020 , 09:41 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by DanielSteed View Post

Cooking Minigame

- Did you enjoy the cooking minigame Missions?
- Were you able to understand the objectives? If not, what was unclear?
- Did the difficulty of challenge dishes feel appropriate?
- Did you prefer the timed challenge dish (Ultimate Galactic Sampler) or the untimed challenge dish (Spicy Nexu Supreme) mission?
- Would you like to see both types of challenge mission in the live version?
- Did you have difficulty interacting with any of the ingredients? If so, which ones?
- What did you enjoy the most? The least?
- I enjoyed the cooking minigame missions. As a roleplayer and someone who plays SWTOR principally for the story, I very much enjoyed how the two event-specific minigames were not combat centric.
- I was able to understand the objectives. Since objectives progress is updated right there on the screen and easily tracked under the Missions list I found it easy to advance from task to task.
- I think I did fail the first HARD mode cooking mission I did because I had not yet familiarized myself with the placement of all the ingredients in the room and did not realize I was being timed. However; once I (quickly) discerned the location of ingredients in the room, the HARD mode version of this minigame began to feel too easy. Honestly, the timer for much of it could probably be cut by at least 25%.
- I enjoyed both difficulties but HARD mode became more enjoyable as I became more familiar with the layout of the room.
- Yes, I would like to see both types of challenge mission in the live version.
- I think I may have had some difficulty interacting with the Soz Juice (I think that's what it was called) which was kind of hidden behind the hanging Scyk belly above the stove but it really was no big deal. I could just move my character to a better spot quickly.
- I mostly enjoyed the unique gameplay style and the fact this was not another combat-centric activity. As a RPer and story-addict, appreciating that the game is set against the backdrop of a war between the Republic and the Empire, it's so much fun to get away from endlessly burning mobs and bosses and engaging in "normal" lifestyle activities in the galaxy. For the cooking missions there really was nothing I liked the least; it's a fun, easy, and straightforward minigame.

Quote: Originally Posted by DanielSteed View Post

Cantina Rush Minigame

- Did you enjoy the cooking minigame Missions?
- Do you think it needs to be harder in the hard mode?
- What did you enjoy the most? The least?
- I enjoyed the cantina rush minigame missions. I think this was the most outlandishly fun part of the whole event. #astromechplayableracewhen
- With regard to HARD mode, I think it needs to progress either more quickly or have a meal course cut. The thing is, when this event goes live, I'm going to want to run it daily on all eight of my characters (one of each class) to maximize my rewards intake and get through all achievements as quickly as possible. The HARD mode Cantina Rush minigame as of yesterday on the PTS just feels like it takes a long time to get through; couple that with the fact that everyday across eight characters I'm going to be looking for groups to form for the World Boss missions and I feel I am just going to be stuck in that minigame too long.
- The two items I enjoyed the most in this minigame was the unique gameplay style and the music! We've gotten to do stuff like this before like controlling mouse droids in KotET and Impside during the Pirate Incursion event; controlling an astromech droid was just so much fun. And the music was astonishingly brilliant and engaging. Yesterday (the last day the PTS was up), I noted some additional changes to the music and was blown away; it was like Bach meets the Bith Band. I really hope BioWare will add that music to open-world cantina cadences and maybe add another jukebox decoration with these tracks on it. The least enjoyable aspect of the minigame is the length of the HARD mode version; it's just going to suck up a lot of time for more veteran players like myself who are looking to run the full event daily across multiple toons.

Quote: Originally Posted by DanielSteed View Post

Prep Work Daily Missions

- Did any of these missions take too long to complete?
- Did you have any difficulty completing world boss missions while in a group?
- Were the objectives for all prep work missions clear?
- None of the missions took too long. These were very simple and straightforward missions.
- I'm not aware that anyone even did the World Bosses on the PTS; but I don't expect most veteran players to have any difficulty forming up to take down these bosses. The important note I want to make to the BioWare team concerning the World Boss missions is their spawn time; it's likely there will be a lot of people forming to take down these bosses across both factions and across multiple characters and we're not going to want to be sitting around all day waiting for a boss to respawn.
- Yes, the objectives were clear and easily achievable.

Great work on the event, BioWare team! I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to playing later this month!

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10.06.2020 , 04:10 PM | #23
As the poster above me said, if your going to have killing world bosses a part of this event, then Please reduce the respawn timer to like 5-10 minutes. With everyone going to be trying to do these we'll all be fighting over these. and the current respawn timer is way to long for that.

Edit: when I mean we'll be fighting over these I don't mean World PvP. I mean groups will be doing taunts to make the bosses evade on other groups so they can get the boss for themselves.
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10.07.2020 , 11:08 AM | #24
100% agreed on the world boss respawn timers. If Ossus WBs were able to be adjusted to 5minutes, all of the planetary WBs should be no more than 15 minutes (especially during this event that lasts 3 weeks ONCE a year).

If not, things will be a griefing *****how.