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Galactic Star Fighter

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04.09.2020 , 03:25 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Verain View Post
The people who constantly raise complaints like "everyone aimbots" and who, if you can get them to cough up a video, hardly ever change power settings? The players who start aiming at 10k away? The players who play terrible builds and fly them terribly and don't understand line of sight or speed or tracking or the stats or any other thing?

Why should I ask the people who don't understand the game? Why would their opinions matter?

And why would I ask them about things like "premades"? New players don't even understand how to play as a team. Team tactics are totally lost to them. They don't even have premades that they run with.

The game ideally offers appropriate challenges to all players, and in a pvp game, that's not always possible. In a game with reasonable small queues, it's not going to happen all the time- this is part of why pvp players tend to grow a reasonably thick skin or stop being pvp players. A new player in a pvp game should:
1- Expect that information is available about how to play
2- Expect to find other players looking to group and win
3- Expect a learning curve if the game has any meaningful depth at all, which GSF definitely does.
4- Expect to be paired against and with players that will make his defeat or victory closer to even.

GSF does ok on most things, is my point- (4) is a bit of an exception, because the matchmaker mostly looks at games played. Actual new players do tend to get slotted with veterans more than not. But beyond that, it seems to mostly be up in the air, as it seems that many players that aren't that great tend to get put in the same bucket as players who are really good, based solely on games played- it's not a bad metric, but it's not a perfect one.

I don't really think they are. The big thing is that it's a full axis arcade space sim... that you play from inside of an MMO. That limits the number of new players, and always has.

There's not really any relation between length of argument and veracity that I'm aware of.

Meanwhile, you block quoted my entire post and pretty much just said "nuh-UH!" instead of arguing. So... I mean...
Like shooting through an asteroid or getting one shot at point blank range and my ships are decked out and even with mit and accuracy

so this concept is bogus

I am sure it has more to do with them being in China with a ping of 400 and mine at 36 and cannot hit them but they can see and target you just fine. Make the ships more durable and have more health. But this fast pace society will never do it. It's a starcraft not a paper plane.
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04.09.2020 , 03:28 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by merovejec View Post
Well I am not sure there is any recently updated GSF guild. I think there was no update since they buffed Strikes. The only one I know was Stacies GSF guide.
Gunships NEED a nerf PLAIN and simple, if that is the mostly used craft in an instance it is just like the flavors of the month in standard pvp of Operatives, and Power Techs that have massive burst damage due to bolster being broken on their classes.

Gunships are the Juggs of GSF... get a clue people. don't just accept numbers stats and moronic programming at face value. The copywriters are Pissed. so it's only a matter of time...
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