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Android Security Key Application

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Android Security Key Application

MinionDME's Avatar

04.17.2012 , 05:44 PM | #1
Don't know if there are any other threads for this but I figured I would throw out my two cents in hopes of improving the Android application.

My biggest gripe with the security key application is the fact that it takes just those few annoying seconds to open it and then to select the security key. My idea is to give the application a widget so that on one of your home screens you could have a constant real time feed from the app telling you what your security key number is for that moment. This way all you have to do is unlock your phone and bam, you have your key code ready to use all the time!

Another gripe I have with the application is the fact that it has so little going on at the moment. From the looks of it, the app has the framework to be SO much more. I hate to use ideas from other games and places, but if it works it works.
A) Something akin to a real-time updated profile of your character, exact armor(and flashpoint/ops locations for upgrades) and stats, a 3D model viewer would be nice for novelty sake, companion helper(since I refuse to pay for an app with such limited information no matter how useful) would be great since not everyone has a great memory and can keep tract of exactly what each companion likes on each character and it is annoying to check on the web by minimizing the game, YOUR sever status(obviously with an option to check any server's status), and just information access in general.

It sounds ridiculous but a well developed app to go with the game could really help the game compete better with the competition. Granted this effort should be primarily done with gameplay instead of a gimmick like an android/iOS app but still, whatever helps the player right?

Please post your comments about my ideas or your ideas about the aforementioned topic, thanks!