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Which healer for pve?

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Which healer for pve?

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04.27.2016 , 01:51 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by llayles View Post
Sage/Sorc far outstrips any of the other healers in the game, so much so that as-is I'm legitimately struggling to find a reason not to re-roll my OP and Merc into DPS.
I will say the only healer I'd really want to run 2 of in the same raid is a sage/sorc (i.e. double sage healers). And in PVP, yeah no competition at all haha sage/sorc have like 3 lives.

Double operatives means no spike and I dunno whenever I've done runs with double mandos/mercs it's been a struggle. (Note this has only happened when I'm tanking, not when I'm on my mando)

Our main raid team has an operative and a merc though, and they do awesome (I run my Jugg tank in this group haha).

That being said, I personally enjoy healing most on my operative imp side. That really comes down to my personal playstyle though. sage/sorc is undoubtedly the easiest healer to perform well on, nice combination of sustained + spike, bubbles for preventing damage, a very nice self heal, energy management is a joke, it all comes together. Plus the invincibility bubble is like godly in PVP, like almost too much so

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07.31.2016 , 06:09 AM | #12
I have fun with all three healing classes. The scoundrel was my first ever character and I still love her most, but sage and merc (I like the merc better than the soldier, the soldier story was extreemly boring for me - I'm a scoundrel at heart - and the merc is therefore the natural choice for me) are great and fun too. And since I played the scoundrel that long through buffs and nerfs, I have no problem with her. And the class balance will probably change again, it always does.
It basically comes down to what most of the others said: play the class, that is most fun for you.
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