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PvE Bodyguard Healing Guide - 2.0

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Commando / Mercenary
PvE Bodyguard Healing Guide - 2.0

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06.11.2013 , 10:34 AM | #31
Do we have a definetive choice on what are the 2 best cubes to have equiipped, serendip obviously but what do we want beyond that, Boundless ages, mending, or matrix cube.
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06.13.2013 , 09:58 AM | #32
boundless ages or an EWH relic are undoubtably the best. the mending one is garbage
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06.18.2013 , 12:42 PM | #33
thank you! just got back and sooooo glad this is up and that I found it. you just saved your fellow bh's a repeated question/s post from me.
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07.05.2013 , 08:36 AM | #34
Thanks for this guide. My main is an OP healer and so I was playing this alt all wrong. I didn't realize all the HoTs this class had built into their abilities. Tried it out with my Commando last night in a HMFP and the easy of healing compared to before was great. Thanks

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07.10.2013 , 05:49 PM | #35
bump and request sticky....
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05.24.2014 , 08:03 AM | #36
Just spent 20 minutes in that skill point tester trying to get emergency scan and tracer missile. Am now thoroughly depressed that it's impossible.


This is a great guide though. thank you very much! I'm still only a huble level 24, but this will be very useful!!

One question though. For campaign focused character (I'm in it for the story!), would you say this build is a good idea? or are you likely to be sitting around, healing your companions while they get to do the fun stuff?

Many thanks!