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Blaster Rifles for Bounty Hunters

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Blaster Rifles for Bounty Hunters

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01.23.2012 , 01:24 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Othed View Post
Jedis in the movies could block 100% of blaster fire.

i support powertech

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01.23.2012 , 02:33 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by JDTC View Post
OK almost 100% LOL forgot about that. He was a noon scrub of a Jedi. But the point of that is the BH with a PISTOL was able to get him with a pistol not a rifle. Which is why I see that Bioware chose them. I don't agree with I just don't feel like a tank with one. Just feels odd that we don't have a hidden or wrist mounted one for powertech at least. Just holding a single pistol is odd and doesn't fell natural to me for a prolonged fight.

It's like fear my little pistol and attack me and not the long light saber that can melt blast proof doors and cut men in half. Or that big *** sniper rifle that can kill with one shot. I mean I understand for balance and can see the iconic scenes from the movies.

Now then scene from the movies I was thinking was obi wan and qui-gon vs the droids. You know jedis they used to base the classes. Not some random Jedi that dies. But that is just my opinion.

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01.23.2012 , 03:22 AM | #23

Why would a powertech want a rifle? All their weapons are built into their armour. Since you only resort to a side-arm when your armour overheats, carrying a bulky weapon would be stupid.
Quote: Originally Posted by GeorgZoeller View Post
It's incredible because it is not true.
As for expectations, we've always said that are not making another Star Wars sandbox, we are creating a different game.
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01.23.2012 , 02:30 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by silverthorne View Post
Can I point out that in the movies, Han Solo used a rifle(though not well) during the escape from the death star with princess leia. In the role playing games, smugglers are not able to use rifles, no big loss here. Bounty hunters however were using rifles a great deal in the movies. In the scene that shows all the bounty hunters on the star destoyer, all of them are packing rifles.

My point exactly. Even through BH's get tons of hidden weapons build in the armor, it would just be very nice if we could actually use the same main weapon as most of the BH's in the movies.
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01.23.2012 , 05:56 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Decembrist View Post
If that happens, not only will Smugglers demand rifles and Troopers demand pistols, but Bioware will have to give both to everyone, because otherwise there will always be someone complaining about having less choices. Smuggler rifles, imperial agents with pistols, do we really want to see that?
Better not to begin that mess, things are good enough they way they are.
most of the gear is already itemized for those classes, there are blaster rifles and auto cannons with aim, there are blaster pistols with cunning. no reason why they couldn't be given to the respective side that doesn't have them (BH-br, ac; trooper-bp, smuggler-bf, IA-br)

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01.23.2012 , 08:47 PM | #26
I do find it funny that the mandalorians on Dro kass all have blasters yet a BH cant carry one..

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01.23.2012 , 09:24 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by FrostyDroid View Post

Why would a powertech want a rifle? All their weapons are built into their armour. Since you only resort to a side-arm when your armour overheats, carrying a bulky weapon would be stupid.
Because its a matter of taste. I prefer rifles to pistols in most cases even in RL. Plus, not all rifles have to be bulky. Go with carbines instead, similar look but less clumsy.

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01.23.2012 , 10:09 PM | #28
No rifle for me, please. I want to continue looking like Clint Eastwood.

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01.23.2012 , 10:12 PM | #29
I really wished BHs used rifles and IAs used pistols. BHs usually go in guns ablazing, so a rifle would fit perfectly and IAs are more about stealth, espionage, assassination, that kind of stuff, so wouldn't it make sense for them to use discrete weapons like a pistol (Unless of course you go Sniper, but it would make sense for Operatives)?
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01.23.2012 , 10:46 PM | #30
I would totally love to see crossover for both BH and Smugglers. In the movies Boba Fett used a rifle, and Han Solo used a pistol. It's not like it wouldn't be canonical.