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Returning APAC player looking for home.

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Returning APAC player looking for home.

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03.09.2018 , 01:27 AM | #1
Been away from SWTOR for somewhat a year now, just dropping by to see what's new every few months. Now I've left enough gap for me to return for another stint with SWTOR as there is enough content out to keep me grinding for a while now.
I'm interested in joining an APAC guild, preferably Republic, but if none are still around I'll settle for staying on Imperial side.

I don't have super selective requirements. Just people to hang out with and do the occasional SM/HM run and some PvP every now and then.

I have experience in all classes but most experienced in Guardian/Vanguard as well as most other melee DPS classes. I am perfectly capable in playing ranged classes, but I tend to be a little hyper and always be moving, hence standing still just irks me.

I can assure you I do not care about special guild ranks, officer positions or the items in your guild bank. All I want to do is have someone to talk to while I grind, and maybe find someone to grind along with me.

In terms of raiding, the only time I have done a full on tier run was during SoR when I came out 5/5 Ravagers and 4/5 ToS while maining Vanguard DPS/Tank and Scoundrel DPS.

If you have the guild for me or can point me in the right direction, leave me a message here or mail me ingame on Emma Hawke(Republic) or Valentine(Empire)

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03.12.2018 , 12:32 PM | #2
sent you a PM. thanks!
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03.14.2018 , 05:18 AM | #3
<Swartz Legends> APAC currently recruiting new and returning players. We are a small social guild that is expanding into end mode content as alot of our current base are returning players. We have Discord, SP, guildship and website.. You can whisper me ingame on Surayya or Mealea (pubside) or PM me for an invite to our Discord channel.