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Conquest: Galactic Scheme's

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11.10.2015 , 10:43 PM | #2961
The End: Epilogue

The Galaxy was in ruin.

Worlds burned as factions waged war to control the galaxy that they held so dear, yet they could not see the damage that they wrought by doing so. Neither the Empires nor the free factions were free of guilt. Whether it was the bombing of Voss, or the blockade of Fondor... None were innocent.

Despite the chaos, despite the blood shed, there came a point when enough was enough.

A trader who was well liked by both sides proposed a meeting, a peace summit on the planet of Alderaan. All factions from across the galaxy attended, to see what would come to pass.

While intentions noble, the flames of rivalry could not be so easily quenched.

Not all of those assembled around the table however were against seeing reason. A number of smaller factions opted for peace, and weathered the storm of opposition. After what seemed like an eternity, the Republic, Old Republic, and Rebel Alliance, and the Chiss Ascendancy had been persuaded to support the peace. However, the others were unsure.

Much to everyone's surprise, the Galactic Empire gave their support next. Without their support, the Sith Empire had no choice but to begrudgingly accept that there would be peace. The Mandalorians had been quite indifferent, but chimed in that they would abide the peace, as long as others abide their own.

This left the Vong, Hutts, CIS, Black Sun, Zann Consortium, Hapes Consortium, and the Revanites.

No matter what the diplomats argued, they quite simply would not budge.

It was then that a man strode into the room who had been thought dead, back from the dead. This man, well known among the underworld, spoke from the deepest reaches of his heart. He stunned all those present with his sheer conviction, even though the words themselves were heavy handed.

When he had finally finished, there was silence. It was a long time before anyone else spoke.

When next they did however, the Hutts, CIS, Black Sun, Hapes Consortium and Zann Consortium all agreed to this truce.

The only opposition remaining was that of the Vong and Revanites. Neither of which was well liked by the factions.

At this time, they dismissed for a break, to allow cooler heads to prevail instead of merely arguing one another into submission.

When they returned, the two factions listed their reasoning as to why such a peace would not last. The council accepted this. They however proposed a solution, one that would ensure that the treaty was to last five years, so that each side would have time to heal their wounds and tend to their people. During this period, those who made war would be hunted by all.

The Vong, knowing they wouldn't get a better deal than that, finally gave way. Which left only the Revanites.

They refused to believe that such would be a true peace, and continued for an hour to speak of the things that either side may do to one another. The man who had quelled the underworld elements now stood again.

He asked them simple questions, and merely inquired as to why?

As the tempers cooled once more, more conditions were added to ensure such would not occur without consequence. With much reluctance, the Revanites agreed to it as well. But they warned that they would be ever vigilant for those who sought destruction, and that such would not be tolerated. Not even the smallest degree.

With all in agreement, peace had returned to the galaxy. The battle fleets returned home, civilians no longer fearing for their lives.

The great shadow that hung over the galaxy had abated, for now.

The galaxy had bought itself time. 5 years of such. When such a time was done... All present hoped that they could take the next step, and not revert to their old ways. Knowing the ways of the galaxy, even the most hopeful was saddened by the likely reality.

Thus, the galaxy was calmed. For now...
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