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The REAL Most Powerful Force Users

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The REAL Most Powerful Force Users

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09.29.2013 , 03:31 PM | #711
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaedusz View Post
^the last sentence.
In regards to what he did, i would give more weight in regards to his success ,to the pinnacle of the Sith Imperative and his execution of it.I would give less weight to his supposed pinnacle of strength and power.After all the Rule of Two undermines the Republic and the Jedi through deception , treachery and manipulations,a conspiracy,not through strength of arms.
With that said i am not underestimating his power in the Force and the way he and Plagueis clowded it in darkness prior to the movies.
We are making an assumption here that too many people make, that because one hides in the shadows and uses deception one's Force abilities are neglected. This couldn't be further from the case.

The Rule of Two is chiefly about power, raw power in the dark side. The Grand Plan is a secondary motive, ultimately Darth Bane created the Rule of Two to make the Sith stronger than they had ever been. And they did this by accumlating a wealth of knowledge, teaching and experience and using this to explore deeper and deeper into the dark side. Take a look at Darth Bane, he accumulated a vast library of dark side knowledge in his life time, which made him considerably powerful, and Zannah added to this through her knowledge of Sith Magic. And so the lineage continues with each Sith Lord expanding on the knowledge of the dark side being compounded and become more powerful because of it. Each Sith Lord stronger than the next.

Effectively what Bane created was a process, a factory line if you will with the product being the ultimate Sith Lord. The true goal of the Rule of Two was too achieve ultimate power in the dark side, and that is why Plagueis and Sidious become lax with its application, because they believed themselves to have reached that goal.

And Sidious did reach that goal. To quote Wookieepedia:

Upon spending decades immersing himself in the many facets of the Force, it was believed that Sidious had a mastery over all known powers, previously unknown powers, and could create new abilities on a whim. By the time of his final death, he had become a nexus of the dark side capable of tearing apart the fabric of space.

Sidious was the product of a millenia of study and advancement in the dark side, of accumulation of power. Hence being the pinnacle of the Rule of Two is to be an exceptionally powerful being, the most powerful Sith Lord ever.

I can't seem to understand how people don't see how fitting that is, that the apex of the greatest Sith Order ever established would be none other than the most powerful Sith Lord the galaxy has and ever will see.

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09.29.2013 , 04:56 PM | #712
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaedusz View Post
Who cares what you debated and decided( i can assume you are not talking just about this thread,in the context of responding to that guy).The forum is not just 3,4 ppl that color theirs posts and a few more.
What Vitiate accomplished through ritual could only be accomplished through ritual.What Palpatine does ,does not require a ritual,that's why he is not using a ritual.And there goes the ritual argument.I know ... you must be confused.
We did not decide who the most powerful Sith Lord was...
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