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We need an RNG free way to get the amplifier that we want

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We need an RNG free way to get the amplifier that we want

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11.16.2019 , 09:14 AM | #1
With all these silly nerfs, it would be nice to get a few quality of life improvements.

Thankfully i dont care for the perks on set bonus shells, or any shell for that matter, only the amplified champion ones cause they r combat related. I feel for the ppl that do care, i really do.

Im just dreading the thought of trying to get the right perk after patch on an amplified champion piece. While u get more armourings and mods to reroll than i can count, u dont exactly swim in set bonus pieces of the same type of item to reroll.

Id be happy to pay a premium of like a million credits extra if i can select the exact perk that i want when buying a new set bonus piece for this exact reason. The process is bloody time consuming in the first place, really *********** annoying, and highly unlikely to yield desired results.

The same holds true for amp perks on mods and armourings and the left side type of items. I suspect ppl would be willing to spend more on the whole, if they could reliably get the exact perk they want. This would render the system a more effective credit sink. Isnt that exactly what they want?

/grumble grumble

Edit: perk costs also dont seem to reset like ever. I looked at some of the mods/sheels i rerolled weeks ago, and they still cost absurd amounts to reroll.

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11.17.2019 , 11:28 AM | #2
Guess im the only one feeling this way? Wow.

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11.17.2019 , 12:00 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Benirons View Post
Guess im the only one feeling this way? Wow.
Not at all.

It's been mentioned a number of times throughout various threads. As mentioned by others, the Amps should also be craft-able. This would fix, or appease might be the better word, to continue the already steep credit sync that the devs are desirous of.
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11.17.2019 , 12:09 PM | #4
They're trying to remove money from the system. Some people exploited and made way too much money, and the money sinks seem to be the main choice of removing that extra money.

It will surely work, and the money will be removed from the rich. It's just that the rest of the normal players are blocked from enjoying the game fully without having those exorbitant funds.

People have too much money, so we're going to make milk and bread cost $10,000! That'll get the money out of the system!

That's what this is.
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