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Immortal Juggernaut Combat Proficiencies?

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Immortal Juggernaut Combat Proficiencies?

Naholen's Avatar

02.20.2018 , 10:51 AM | #1
I decided to dust up my Tank (now to 70) and trying to decide what are the best choices for utility points. Looks like there is no decisive guide for Immortal Juggernaut out there, or the Guardian version anywhere that I have seen.

What should i take for the Skillful, Masterful, etc?
Also, is priority set as Mastery > Defense > Shield > Absorb ?
I would assume some Power could be useful, but Crit, Alacrity and Accuracy not something I should bother. Right?

Relic wise, I see people favoring reactive warding and fortunate redoubt, but I have seen some with Focused Retribution, which I should consider?

And for augments?

Thank you.
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02.20.2018 , 12:10 PM | #2
The stat priority is, as ever since I can remember defense > shield > absorb but defense is everywhere now and well into diminishing returns capacity so it's worth going B mods (either warding or lethal). I augment shield/absorb 236 if you can get them because they have endurance on them now which is really nice. They're also super expensive and not absolutely necessary. I keep shield and absorb pretty close together personally, but I'm no theory crafter. That said I do HM ops and my healers haven't complained about my survivability so eh.

For Pve no, there is no point in running crit or alacrity. More power/mastery can be nice if you have aggro troubles for the extra dps.

Utility wise, there are several options. The absolutely mandatory one is the longer and high threat on saber reflect. This is one of the easiest ways to get and keep aggro as a Guardian tank, especially on mobs with lots of range. Others I'd consider important are the reduced cool down on focused (er enraged I believe) defense and the leap push/pull immunity,

Relic wise, the other tanks I know are either running the clicky relics (for an extra DCD) or straight up serendipitous and focused retribution. I personally normally still go for reactive warding and shield amp (crafted shield amp because endurance) for most fights, swapping to my dps ones if we have a really close enrage.