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gearing skank tank pet peeve

CoolKillaZilla's Avatar

12.09.2017 , 05:26 AM | #1
Just to confirm before i start to gear my skank tank Im assuming i need to actually come up with enough unassembled components to buy two sets of armor right? one to get the pvp bonus from the armoring mod and another set for the dps enhancments and mods to combine with the tank armoring mod

Morath's Avatar

12.10.2017 , 07:51 AM | #2
Honestly for pvp I have 2 sets but the second set does not have the set bonus. I have had great success with putting 248's from my other toons into legacy gear and just mailing them to my skank. The set bonus is ok but you are not gimped. I was very successful without the set bonus when I started. I really think 248's is stronger than 242 with set bonus. Maybe its just me. It just seems a shame to wait for all that gear before you play your jugg/guadian.