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Good Guardiana DPS

LukaszLazar's Avatar

12.21.2017 , 07:40 AM | #1
I just am finishing lvl my basic 50 lvl and will subscribe for lvl 70, now i am thinking how to make a good dps character
- what stat are most important
- what skills are the best
- what armor and sabre should i look for
I know it was a lot times propably but maybe something changed and someone could advice me?
I think to build a raid/instance character, maybe a little pvp. i think that dps is a best choice.
thank You in advance for Your comments.

AmonIkonix's Avatar

12.22.2017 , 04:31 AM | #2
Well the best stats depends on what spec you choose. You did say dps so that would mean the following:

110% accuracy no less number one importance
Alacrity/ crit are of second highest importance. Iím not 100% sure on alacrity and it does depend on what spec you choose. Crit has somewhat of diminishing returns after 40% crit chance and 70% crit multiplier.

Power/mastery are all of your left over stats.


I wouldnít go over 105% accuracy.

Alacrity I run with around 7.4%. Some folks go higher, I see it as I want more burst, because you donít get tons of up time on your targets.

Crit at least 40% and 70% multi

Power/mastery all the rest

As far as gear goes itís the cxp system and raiding. Random drops and unassembled components you turn into vendors on the fleet in the supply section.

Vigilance/vengeance is top dps on parses atm for guardians/juggernaut. Iím sure there are gearing guides on for pve that can give you exact numbers. As far as rotations it depends on the spec and u can either check them out on parsley or dulfy. Parsley will be more up to date.

LukaszLazar's Avatar

12.23.2017 , 05:32 AM | #3
It sound great I will up to date with the pages You gaved me thanks for Your help