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What defines the cost of crafted items?

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What defines the cost of crafted items?

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01.17.2019 , 05:43 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by PiiTarr View Post
Not hard at all if someone is willing to take the time to explore the markets and learn what's selling and what isn't and where there's unmet demand. If a particular segment becomes unprofitable for me I simply find something else.
This is true. I made close to 60 mil in 2 weeks just selling armormech assembly components at 250k each. I was the only one selling them. After 2 weeks, though, some others starting popping in and some listed them for around 50k each. I bought up nearly 10 mil worth and flipped them for 250k each. I made my money back in short order. After 5.10, the value dropped to around 10k each. Couldn't be bothered with selling them then, but I made a nice chunk of change before that.

I don't really bother with the GTN though. I've got close to a billion credits and not really anything to spend it on unless something really catches my eye, and then I consider myself thrifty and won't spend a small fortune on anything. I'd rather give a friend 50 mil than spend 20 mil on the GTN.

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01.18.2019 , 06:20 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Lhancelot View Post
I have a simple question, is it really that hard to find other items to craft, other ways to make money off the GTN? I never had trouble shifting craft items to sell or buying low selling high, etc. to make credits off the GTN.

You can't control what others do on the GTN, as Joon keeps saying there are so many different reasons why people sell for less than you think is sensible. If it's out of your control, do yourself a favor and stop worrying on it.
Depends on what crafters and farmers you have set up.

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01.18.2019 , 06:37 AM | #43
A prime example of the undercutting is by one person that every day lists 10-20 dyes of nearly every colour at 52250.
It’s obvious when he starts listing because all of a sudden your sales stop.

Now I don’t mind people undercutting me. But when I’m selling “x” dye for 119000 credits and I’m having trouble making enough of them to keep up and then I have this guy appear and list 10 for 52250, that’s over 50% undercut (which isn’t needed and is stupid). It kills the market for everyone.

It kills the market because most of us only come back and check or relist dyes every now and then (Which often lets other players slightly undercut each other and sell dyes as well at a reasonable price). But when this guy appears and lists at 52250, you get a whole bunch of people who don’t understand and start under cutting him too and there goes the value.

I’ve tried buying his stuff before anyone else lists at those dumb prices, but he just relists and I’m stuck with them as the price continue to plummet.

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01.27.2019 , 04:55 AM | #44
Well, I just don't use the GTN anymore, I only craft items for my self these days, due to the never-moving proces at the GTN. I just don't want to spend my Credits on inflated prices, be cause they never move.

And because the number of sellers is fixed now - only a certai, very small number of sellers selling a few items in masses at a fixed price - there is an oligopoly within the GTN now. all prices are fixed now. There just is no more any "free market". No diversity. It just looks like RL economy now, with a few corporations dominating a single market (like Microsoft for the PC market. There just aren't enough real competors left out there anymore. Anyone remember OS/2 ?)
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