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(Probably stupid) PVP question

Celacia's Avatar

06.12.2012 , 05:27 PM | #1
What kind of numbers should a mostly war-heroed-out MM sniper be pulling in warzones?

I don't concentrate on putting out high numbers so much as on helping my team win, and I know that I don't suck at that, because I get people telling me that they hate playing against me (and like having me on their team). But at the same time, on damage and kill numbers non-MM snipers regularly put me to shame. I think I am just looking for some kind of yardstick or a range that I should be hitting.

Katrasle's Avatar

06.12.2012 , 11:12 PM | #2
There aren't many well geared PvP snipers on my server so I can't say what they do. But I do about 300-500k in a match that lasts a good length of time, assuming our team isn't getting stomped.

Edit: Just wanted to say that I play MM as well and the one thing I focus on during the game is damage. I know that many people cringe at that aspect and would jump on me for saying it, however I disagree with the position that games are all about utility.

As a sniper I feel that my utility is through force. Dropping an orbital strike on a friendly ball carrier in huttball and popping adrenals/relics will not only inflate your damage, but it is also incredibly deadly to the other team. I make it my job to make sure that members of the opposite time spent as much time as possible behind the force-field at their spawn point, which is (IMO), the best form of CC.

Being able to knock someone back away from a capture point or the ball carrier is awesome, but I feel killing them is a better solution (there are exceptions to this, especially in huttball). With that said, that is why my focus is primarily on damage.

My favorite form of CC is making the other guy dead.

Auggiedoggie's Avatar

06.13.2012 , 10:38 AM | #3
Nice to hear from a MM that realizes that he is a complimentary entity to his group in PVP, and becomes a value if played properly. MM's in PVP are a team component, and not ideally suited to be a solo high DPS source, you can try, but your squishy and will be respawning a lot, and suspect your team will be losing. Rather support from your healers, and you become that anti-healer element your team needs, or seek out the hurt opponent and put him away, or play defensively at choke points, etc and you will be a value that a good MM brings to a group. And your right, good pvp peeps will realize that, and desire a good MM in their team who is not focused on dps, but rather winning as a group. IF your WINNING the WZ encounter, and doing your thing as a complimentary part of the group, you should be averaging around 200k dps, with 300k being unusual, I am WH, Conqueror, MM Sniper, and get group invites all the time because they know I play to win, as a compliment to the group, and not concerned about the DPS rankings at the end of WZ, and have a ball doing so.
Good luck,
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Celacia's Avatar

06.13.2012 , 07:59 PM | #4
Thank-you both for answering. We have a decent number of good snipers, but almost none of them are MM. I mostly tend to fall between almost 200k and almost 300k, depending on the game, because I would rather win than look good. In games that have turned into a free-for-all kill fest, if I am not one of the primary targets (I usually am), I can get up to 350 or a little better, so I guess that's good. It's just hard to know, because none of the information you see at the end of the game necessarily reflects one's actual contribution to the team, and yet, the damage numbers are there for everyone to see.

Owlhowl's Avatar

06.19.2012 , 01:46 PM | #5
As MM I do 250k-350k and as Lethality I do 300-500k (dependant on the Warzone)...