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Why I'm done with PvP

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Why I'm done with PvP
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Today , 12:28 PM | #371
Quote: Originally Posted by RikuvonDrake View Post
Lose farming is just as bad in unranked as it is in ranked and breeds the same type of toxicity and frustration regardless, BioChris posted an interesting article recently on how Bungie failed to combat mechanics to prevent losing farming in Destiny 2, would be a good read for people that think that you should be getting participating trophies.
I'll take a few interesting bits of this article if you'll allow me, because while I do agree that "participation trophy" isn't the best idea well...

One bounty in particular guarantees you the Trials item of the week simply for completing matches, win or lose. And since giving up and losing right away is quicker than trying your hardest and eventually losing anyway, many choose the quick death over the drawn-out one.
This part here is one interesting because from what I understand, you do get something worthwhile no matter if you win or lose, so players are indeed jumping the bandwagon and killing themselve fast to earn this.

However, another interesting thing is that this mode provides "good rewards" almost exclusively if you win, the case above being the only one where you don't need to win. And this is where we fall short with Swtor and probably "BioChris" point of view, as currently, unranked PvP offers strictly nothing for winning. Sure you get to complete a weekly quest, which gives you in 20 wins what three master mode hammer station would have given you anyway...

This is even worse when you see that the rewards you get from this quest is used mainly to... Get gear. The one you're supposed to have already if you won 20 games, because gear in swtor (at least set bonuses and tacticals) make that much of a difference in PvP.

Then there’s the problem with how the rest of Trials of Osiris’ economy is currently structured. By the end of the original Destiny, players could farm Trials gear simply by playing matches because they earned tokens after each one, win or lose. These tokens could eventually be traded in for the gear that other players obtained more quickly by simply winning several matches in a row. It was a nice workaround for Trials of Osiris enthusiasts with mediocre or negative KDAs. In the current iteration, however, you only get tokens for winning, and even then they are given out very sparingly.
I like this one, because it shows again that we used to have a superior model in the past, liked by way more players in the form of PvP Commendation, that you'd earn quicker and in bigger amount if you were good.

Interesting note about our old system but these commendations were used to buy gear, and more importantly, other rewards as well, which made even good players already geared interested in still earning those, either for the monetary value they provided (sold on GTN) or because they wanted "something more" to their stronghold or in their outfit.

Surprising to see that their old system worked better and that their current one, just like swtor's current, is struggling to meet the expectations of both veteran and newcomers. To be honest, I would be all in if they kept rewards to be win-only, only if said rewards were actually worth it. Then maybe would I have an interest in winning and not just having fun camping that poor commando on a node.

But I think that "BioChris" would surely have already seen the issues and interesting comparisons highlighted by this article, and not just the one paragraph that says "players will just kill themselves if you give them any reward for losing". Right ?

TL;DR - Good post indeed, but it also shows that you either need to provide players with worthwhile rewards available only for winning, and that surprisingly the commendations/token systems used in the past worked way better, as nobody used to kill themselves just to end a game quickly at the time.
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