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Mara/Pally Bubble needs to be looked at(Undying Rage)

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Mara/Pally Bubble needs to be looked at(Undying Rage)

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03.22.2012 , 07:12 PM | #1021
Quote: Originally Posted by BambulaGTS View Post
You bro sound so nabbish ...

For some reason you forgot rebuke/cloak of shadows and the fact that everyone and their moms now are anni marauders with 100 % reduction on damage on force camouflage.

You lolpicture of marauder "weakness" can be believed only by you and nothing else.

Foir some reason you write current health in bold but it is LMAO. If it took good chunk of MAXIMUM HEALTH instead of current health - it would be justified.

Until then > - 100 % healing received for 12 sec (5 sec on lolability + 4 sec on camo + 3 sec just in case) and you can enjoy your cheese.
Okay you think I am nabbish whatever that is. I challange you "Bro" go lvl a marauder to 50 pvp and tell me how useful camo, cloak, rebuke and as you put it lolability is. Go try it I dare you to do it. I bet you a year of free game time the game in its current state and most likely after 1.2 your tune will change and you will be on the other end of the argument. And as for current health ya go do the math "bro" say i have 6k HP i use it what do i have? 3k left after a few seconds thats one hit from any other class and I am dead. unless i have a pocket healer my class is almost laughable in pvp. make a compelling argument as of why this stuff is still over powered and change my mind after you reached 50 and pvped for a while and you win.

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03.22.2012 , 07:57 PM | #1022
Hello everyone,

Since this thread has gone over 1,000 posts, we have recreated the discussion. Please do continue here: