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how many founders are left in the game?

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how many founders are left in the game?

huntersam's Avatar

Today , 02:54 AM | #61
i keep on coming back something still keeps me drawing me back . maybe the force ?

tuulem's Avatar

Today , 03:20 AM | #62
I'm still here, occasionally waving my stick and telling these younglings to get off my space-lawn.

Iheaca's Avatar

Today , 07:14 AM | #63
Account created in 2008...

I'm still here, have been for a complete year, but I have probably been away at least 4 years. Which is nice, it makes so many things to catch up about and do while everyone else is bored...
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jediloki's Avatar

Today , 11:31 AM | #64
Been here since Alpha, still playing.

CrazyScruffy's Avatar

Today , 01:07 PM | #65
Still here as well