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Which Stronghold would you like to see added next?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Galactic Strongholds
Which Stronghold would you like to see added next?

Shevyk's Avatar

08.10.2015 , 06:12 PM | #21
None until they give us the option to have more than four Strongholds and add more as well as affordable decorations.

PsychNight's Avatar

08.10.2015 , 11:57 PM | #22
I would love to see one on Voss!

TigerClaww's Avatar

08.11.2015 , 10:24 AM | #23
manann,korriban,tython,alderaan,rakata prime zakuul

Abrakadabramon's Avatar

08.11.2015 , 09:27 PM | #24
Id like to have a small space station.

I have bought all the strongholds, but not even one decorated.I do not like them, is not my style.

Ill start to decorate a stronghold if i can have my own space station.

Eurynamous's Avatar

08.12.2015 , 06:05 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Daylooin View Post
#1 Korriban Stronghold
This... My own Dark Temple in the Valley of the Sith.
The Red Zone
Amadus Starcrusher
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DobbySchwa's Avatar

08.16.2015 , 02:09 PM | #26
Having a space station is a genius idea, but not the Carrick Station type, but a new design with multiple landing pads, etc.
A Hoth bunker, like in Episode V, would be super cool, probably Tatooine/Yavin 4 size
Maanan should be Nar Shadaa size
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Treeba's Avatar

08.16.2015 , 10:45 PM | #27
1, Manaan - ONLY if there is a floor that is underwater. Huge bonus points if the windows on that floor allow a view of things swimming around down there. I'd also like the Manaan music and some of those water walls they have on display near the planet zone in.

2. Rishi - If it's on that last island with the starry sky.

3. Alderaan - Thrantas.

StarblastBlade's Avatar

08.17.2015 , 10:53 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by Daylooin View Post
What would be cool is if the Manaan stronghold was Underwater, but with an elevator that brought you to a deck room that was above water, perhaps slightly out at sea; giving a beautiful sunset over a vast ocean. It would certainly be a beautiful design for a Stronghold. The Underwater rooms you could look out and see various species of fish and such; Very Atmospheric.
I had a similar idea on a Manaan stronghold. My idea was it was all underwater and had a submarine as the way to travel out of it. But I like your idea better.

Collec's Avatar

08.18.2015 , 12:50 AM | #29
1) Manaan
2) Manaan
3) Manaan

It's neutral stronghold,because Tython and Korriban would have to come out at same time or else one side would feel left out.

Manaan is beautiful planet with amazing design,has one of best species Selkath and there's option of underwater. Only option for travel between surface and underwater is by submarine! You can make that cost 3 million creds.
Manaan stronghold doesn't have to start size of Yavin4, but it has to have potential and option to become greatest and biggest stronghold.
Also there should be option,if you want windows open or closed underwater. What I mean by this,is that you can either have window "open" so you can see sea life,etc. and then have option to have it "closed",where it would act as wall.
I'd spend all creds and cartel coins on Manaan Stronghold. I'd even farm all achievements,if needed for it.

Roksik's Avatar

08.18.2015 , 11:40 AM | #30
1. ALDERAAN. Preferably with trees and a warm color palette. Let's face it, Tython is a 'base' at best ('pile of rubble' at worst), and I'd very much like to have a 'homey' forest stronghold.
2. Tython. The whole reason I want Alderaan in the first place is to pretend it's Tython. My RP guild would love to have a 'Tython' stronghold!
3. Voss. I like the colors there! So warm!

P.S. Who needs Korriban? Tatooine can be used just as well in its stead.