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Guild Strongholds have serious disadvantages.

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Guild Strongholds have serious disadvantages.

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09.03.2014 , 04:23 AM | #21
I for one, find Guild Strongholds -great-! There's nothing like crafting something beautiful with several people, BUT: I'm in a big agreement with the OP here. Guild Strongholds have some restrictions that I don't see a purpose in applying. I'm not sure if it's been mentioned in this topic before, but the fact that Guilds cannot have more than one stronghold surprised me! You can have a ground HQ + a flagship. If you're a role player like me (oh god, not one of those!) - and in a role playing guild, you tend to have more than one story going. For one, we strongly separate force-users from blaster classes because of the inherent difficulties in their interaction (it's a preference thing!) - and right now we're only able to accommodate our blaster classes with our beautiful HQ, leaving our Sith to mock around on Korriban (wait, isn't that what they do all day?).

So my top four Guild Strongholds "would like to see changed" sorted on personal preference priority:
  1. Multiple Guild HQ's
  2. Give Keys to non-Guildies
  3. Invite or give keys to members of the other faction!
  4. The ability to name HQ's (not a high prio for me).

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09.13.2014 , 09:32 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by nerdofprey View Post
OK, some repeated testing has revealed some amazing guild stronghold facts:
You can't "invite" anybody of the opposite faction.
You can't invite anybody of the opposite faction to a personal stronghold either. You can switch to an opposite faction character in your legacy and invite them then, but you can never invite cross faction any more than you can email or whisper cross faction either.

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09.13.2014 , 10:58 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Kunda View Post
I agree that Guild Strongholds were pretty poorly implemented...
Exactly. They have no function except as a meeting place for guilds that have no flagship. They do not even give a bonus for the conquest as private Strongholds.
Even for small guilds it is better prepare a private Stronghold for the guild and distribute keys. This gives at least a bonus.
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09.13.2014 , 05:58 PM | #24
It is really a shame. Makes our guild wish we just used a cheaper, personal stronghold instead. All the issues the original poster raised are valid and need to be addressed. There are certainly possible solutions for all of them. Bioware needs to make guild strongholds way more attractive to justify their comparatively exorbitant prices and limitations.

It may also be worth adding that a guild stronghold still has the same max decoration and concurrent players limit as a personal one, even though it costs substantially more. Guilds with more than 50 active people can't even be in there all at once to roleplay or conduct meetings!

Plus you can't invite characters from the opposing faction to the stronghold to roleplay "invasions" and such, which you can do with personal strongholds when you log in an Imperial character on your account.

You also can't purchase and unlock guild strongholds and it's rooms with Cartel coins (really makes little to no sense, since you still need to decorate the original copy of cartel market decorations to the strongholds as well instead of being able to donate a copy like with achievements, etc.).

The only advantage guild strongholds have over personal ones is that more than one account can decorate them (and they really should allow players to give gold keys out for personal strongholds so they can allow their friends to decorate them and give people that would like to roleplay decorators/interior architects a job) as well as that you don't have to manually assign a key to every guild member and it doesn't count against their key limit of four (which is way too low, too!). Compared to the huge disadvantages it brings, it really makes Guild Strongholds a bad investment compared to using a personal stronghold for the guild.

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11.09.2014 , 05:38 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Nymisis View Post
You can't invite anybody of the opposite faction to a personal stronghold either. You can switch to an opposite faction character in your legacy and invite them then, but you can never invite cross faction any more than you can email or whisper cross faction either.
You're taking that bit out of context. My larger point is that it's impossible for cross-faction players to ever visit a guild stronghold under any circumstances. That's just one of the mechanics that makes it so. Like you said, personal ones don't have that limitation. You only have to switch characters, send an invite (or key), and switch back.

My guild has slowly been rebuilding our base in personal stronghold form, and we've had plenty of cross-faction alts coming and going. I figured it's not a bad time to bump this old thread.

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11.10.2014 , 09:52 AM | #26
This is why, after some research, our guild decided to kick in for a personal Tatooine stronghold. Our guild is small and we just co-designed the rooms. Members contributed decorations directly to the "owner" and collectively the guild "decorated" the stronghold. Less cost, less hassle and everyone got what they wanted.

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11.10.2014 , 01:00 PM | #27
Yes, unless you have some kind of major disagreement about decorating, it works really well to have one designated decorator and have everybody else kick in funds / prefabs / decorations. I almost feel like it's a more social thing at that point, like it involves planning and communicating, not just different people logging on at different times and silently doing whatever...

I also wanted to say, I hadn't really considered the fact that the 50-person limit in strongholds also applies to the guild ones, and that a very large guild would have trouble meeting up in there. So they're a bad deal for small guilds because of the cost and the difficulty inviting outside people, and a bad deal for big guilds because they can't even fit in there. If you have a guild with exactly 50 active members you might enjoy a guild stronghold!

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11.11.2014 , 12:39 PM | #28
I think Guild Headquarters and Flagships could use some improvements. That being said I'm grateful for both. If you keep positive about it, you can use both to bring your guild together. Theres never been a goal like this for guilds before ingame. You'll have to RP it up though and keep the positivity going.

We've got rooms for GMs on the back of the crew deck and rooms for officers on the tatooine headquarters. We've got a beautiful garden room on tatooine by one of our officers that everyone in the guild donated plants and items for. I keep a wishlist on our facebook page with decos we'd like. I also get people involved in which expansion we're getting next. We have 6-12 people attend any door opening on the ship and there is always fireworks.

Headquarters and ships are not perfect, but they are what you make them out to be. Make them a big awesome deal and they will be.
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11.17.2014 , 07:23 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by nerdofprey View Post
My guild has slowly been rebuilding our base in personal stronghold form, and we've had plenty of cross-faction alts coming and going. I figured it's not a bad time to bump this old thread.
You've raised a lot of important issues about the guild strongholds/ships lacking functions of personal strongholds, however you keep forgetting 1 very important thing. Guild stronghold/ship along with its decorations is owned by the guild subject, not by any individual player account.

With guild strongholds/ships, if the GM steps down/gets sick/is unable to play anymore for any serious or non-serious (guild drama/split) reason, the stronghold/ship and the decorations remain with the guild, as does the possibility of decorating at all in the first place. But if the person who is the actual owner of a personal stronghold you're using now for entire guild stops playing for some reason, it's over. You won't add any more decorations nor make any changes, the stronghold will not appear in Public Listing ever again. The owner wouldn't transfer his gold key to someone else even if he wanted to.

So while the guild strongholds/ships have sme serious disadvantages compared to personal strongholds, their undeniable advantage is that they belong to the guild itself and are immune player (in)activity and departures from the game.

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12.03.2014 , 09:23 AM | #30
That goes both ways, though.

If the guild disbands, everybody loses everything. If the guild leader gets pissed off he can kick out a bunch of people who helped build it, and they lose everything. Even if the guild doesn't disband or blow up, it could die down and a lot of people could decide to move to a more active guild (pretty common occurrence in any MMO), and again they're giving up access to the stronghold they helped to build.

If the person who possesses the unofficial stronghold quits, anybody with a key can still hang out there indefinitely and possibly invite others. Unless the owner freaks out and un-decorates it, it will still be just how it was, forever.

The absolute worst case scenario is that the guild needs to start over with a new stronghold, but building the same personal one twice still ends up being a fraction of the cost of building the guild version once.

These are all "what if" scenarios anyway, but my point is that guild strongholds are not at all immune to these problems! The human element will always be a risk.

The other great thing about personal strongholds though... is you can totally build your own. They're very attainable. That means you always have a backup plan as long as there's one player left alive. The guild's favorite hangout goes dark? Invite everybody to your place. Easy fix.