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Datacron Decorations: Locations

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Datacron Decorations: Locations

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08.22.2014 , 08:00 AM | #1
Hey guys. I've seen another post which is more of a discussion with regards to the locations of the Datacron decorations for Strongholds.

I wanted to start a thread which has the info you need at a glance in the first post. I'll try to collate the information from the other threads. But please feel free to reply after this post with your findings and I'll do my best to update it regularly.

Light Datacrons

Aim - Hoth:
  • (Imp) - Heroic 4 Deconstruction Efforts. Drops off Champ mobs in the area and the large loot chest towards the back.
  • (Imp) - Heroic 2 Joint Training. Storage box from quest reward.
  • (Rep) - Heroic 4 Prisoner Extraction. Random mobs.
  • (Rep) - Heroic 4 Frostclaw

Cunning - Quesh:
  • (Imp) - Elite Republic Venom Processing Droids.
  • (Imp) - Foreman Telleon
  • (Rep) - Lord Rhexa, (357,2002)

Presence - Taris:
  • (Imp) - Heroic 4 Fathers of Taris. Quest Reward from storage box.
  • (Rep) - Heroic 4 Fall of the Locust. Locust Guard Captain.
  • (Rep) - Heroic 4 Total Elimination.

Strength - Balmorra:
  • (Imp) - Heroic 4 Firestar. Champ mob at the back of the first room, as you enter the instance.
  • (Imp) - Heroic 2 Project Hexapod. Champ mobs.
  • (Rep) - Heroic 4 Acquired Taste. Colicoid Hivemaster

Willpower - Alderaan:
  • (Imp) - Heroic 4 The Lanaar Question. Elite/Champ mobs near the silo (complete the bonus to summon a few more mobs)
  • (Imp) - Heroic 4 Shock Doctrine. Quest reward lockbox.
  • (Rep) - Heroic 4 Red Handed.

Endurance - Voss:
  • (Imp) - Heroic 4 The First Commando's Call. Elite mobs at the challenge phase.
  • (Imp) - Heroic 4 Cleanse the Corrupted. Drops several times from Champ & Elite mobs throughout the instance.
  • (Rep) -

Dark Datacrons

Aim - Ilum:
  • (Imp) - Heroic 2 Poisonous Strategy.
  • (Rep) - Heroic 2 Crystal Clear Sabotage
  • (Both) - Crystal Eater, Champ mob near Willpower datacron.

Cunning - Nar Shaddaa:
  • (Imp) - Heroic 4 Pound of Flesh - Loot chest at the far back right of the area from the entrance. Also mobs.
  • (Imp) - Heroic 4 Hunger of the Vrblthers. Champ mobs in the zone and the summoned Champ from doing the mission.
  • (Imp) - Heroic 2 Terminal Injuries - trash mobs.
  • (Rep) -

Strength - Tatooine:
  • (Imp) - Heroic 4 Blood and Sand. Chieftain mob at the end of the instance.
  • (Rep) - Heroic 4 A Jawa's Concern. Tusken Champion.

Presence - Corellia:
  • (Imp) -
  • (Rep) -
  • (Both) - Jimme Weasle, named mob NW of the Imp Transport station - Business sector.

Endurance - Makeb:
  • (Imp) -
  • (Rep) -

Willpower - Belsavis:
  • (Imp) - Heroic 4 Breakthrough. Drops off the Champ and from the Loot chest.
  • (Rep) -

As I said at the beginning, feel free to submit your findings and I will update this as frequently as time allows.
Happy hunting
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08.22.2014 , 08:46 AM | #2
I got 2 Light datacrons off ordinary rebel settlers in the Balmora Bonus in the Sweetwater area playing as Empire.

So it seems you do not need Heroics to get them.

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08.22.2014 , 09:28 AM | #3
I forget the guy's name, but I was in the Business Sector of Corellia and I took a wrong turn. There was a uniquely named Champion NPC just North and West of the train station. He dropped the Dark Presence datacron decoration for me.
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08.22.2014 , 11:07 AM | #4
Terminal Injuries, Imp Heroic +2, Nar Shaddaa and a Dark Cunning Datacron decoration dropped from the first or second set of trash mobs. Nothing from the boss.

Droid Repossession, Imp Heroic +2, Alderaan -- no datacron decoration.

Sabotage, Imp Heroic +4, Alderaan -- no datacron decoration. All I got out of that was a reminder of why I prefer not to do non-instanced Heroics. I got 3 non-decoration achievements in this one from having to kill the same golds over and over.
Quote: Originally Posted by Surferket View Post
I got 2 Light datacrons off ordinary rebel settlers in the Balmora Bonus in the Sweetwater area playing as Empire.

So it seems you do not need Heroics to get them.
Good to know. I could take down every NPC on a planet, and still not get a datacron decoration, though. Not good.

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08.22.2014 , 11:15 AM | #5
The Dark Strength for pubs is found by completing the Heroic 4: A Jawas Concern. You have to beat the tusken champion, Blood-something.

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08.22.2014 , 01:31 PM | #6
Ilum Emp side, I got one from the Black Market Box for doing the Heroic 2 Poisonous Strategey, but I've don't that every day and have only gotten one, and my friend has done it one less time and gotten none.

The second one I got from the Champion that stands in the corner up where Defend the Shipment takes place.

Nar Shadda, Heroic 4 Hunger of the Vrblthers seems to have a 100% drop rate from the last Champion that you summon. You can kill it and reset the quest to keep getting it over and over.

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08.22.2014 , 02:29 PM | #7
Keep in mind that the decorations are random drops with high chances from the lockboxes you get from the end of the heroic missions and the bosses inside the heroic missions. This means that knowing it dropped off some location for someone else doesn't mean it will be the same for you.

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08.22.2014 , 03:01 PM | #8
These can literally drop off anything. Playing on Alderaan for the Conquest event and messing around.. got like 3 or 4 of the Light Side Willpower off Killiks in a non-heroic area.

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08.22.2014 , 03:44 PM | #9
On the Republic side, Hoth, I received the Light Datacron: Aim in the Heroic 4: Prisoner Extraction, which is the heroic you pick up inside Aurek Base. Once inside the heroic bear to the right (Player @ -2342, 113) and and you'll find an Imperial Guerilla Commando (84k HP). The datacron actually came off the puny Imperial specialist (8k HP) beside him.
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08.22.2014 , 08:01 PM | #10
Taris Republic got off one of the medics once I went inside the instance. I think this drops off Random mobs.

Heroic Area Infested Resistance Balmorra Republic Dropped off Colicoid Hivemaster. The mission is Acquired Taste