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Sitting on chairs and other furniture

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Sitting on chairs and other furniture

Xina_LA's Avatar

12.01.2016 , 02:00 PM | #21
It's worth adding a click-to-sit on at least some of the chair decorations.

Someone suggested that clicking to sit on a bench is problematic because you sit in the middle and then no one can join you on the bench. I've seen this and you're right, it's a pain in the butt. I wouldn't mind if benches didn't have this feature. Even if they did, you could still use your own /chair command to sit off to one side.

Some chairs are harder to position in than others. Narrow chairs, high chairs, and chairs with arms would really benefit from click-to-sit. The Zakuulan chairs that have a /chair height problem could certainly use it.

Another poster said that it's pointless to add because people still complain. Every new feature always has complaints but that doesn't mean they aren't worthwhile. Those who want to sit fancy can still use /chair.

As a big fan of stronghold decorating, I've taken to leaving at least one table in my stronghold with no chairs. This is a good place to stand around, but also invites people to use their own /chair# emote. Sometimes I put a single chair nearby, one of the same type available to a /chair# emote, to give people a suggestion on which one to use. Visitors seem to like to pull up their own chair.

Honestly, if the /chair emote simply pushed our bodies back a little bit, it would look so much better. I have to imagine they're more likely to upgrade an animation than add a new system to decorations. After all, they just re-designed several of the attack animations for 5.0.