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Advanced Prototype / Tactics Set Bonuses and Tactical Items

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Advanced Prototype / Tactics Set Bonuses and Tactical Items
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04.23.2019 , 10:41 AM | #21
Tactical Items:

Increase the range on Rail Shot, Magnetic Blast, Shoulder Cannon, and Energy Burst by X meters. (Personally, I would like to see 30m range again, but I know how absurdly strong that would be since this class could become another RDPS. So 5m or 10m would be the way to go most likely. Of course, having this range returned to us without a Tactical Item or skill tree passive would be greatly appreciated)

Increase all critical damage by X% and reduce all non-critical damage by Y%. (make burst specs bursty again. granted, this is kinda far and away the best melee burst right now in PvE).

Rail Shot builds 2 stacks of Energy Lode at a time and causes Rail Shot to vent X Heat (not sure how much. maybe 5 or 10). (yay for more burst)

Thermal Detonator and Energy Burst are now AoE abilities with 8m range and Shatter Slug now spreads the bleed from Retractable Blade. Also boosts the range of Flame Sweep to 8m.

Increases the DR from Energy Shield by and additional 15% and causes it to build stacks of Trauma Regulators that stack up to 10 times and heal you for 5% or 6% max health each when Energy Shield expires. Also allows Energy Shield to be used while stunned. (Would be incredible for surviving in PvP).

Set piece bonuses:
2pc: Explosive Fuel now vents 3 heat per second while active and additionally increases all critical damage by X% for the duration. (doesn't need to be massive in my opinion. 25% or whatever it may need to fall into place with the other melee burst specs).
4pc: When Thermal Detonator damages a target, it instantly resets the cooldown of Rocket Punch and causes it to generate reduced Heat (let's say 10 Heat for the sake of it) or no Heat. (this may need an internal cooldown of every second Thermal Detonator or so).
6pc: Reduces the cooldown of Shoulder Cannon and Explosive Fuel by X seconds (let's say 30 for both of them)

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04.23.2019 , 10:55 AM | #22
An addition to the 4pc set bonus I proposed: Additionally, activating Thermal Detonator increases all damage dealt by 5% for 13 seconds. Can occur once every 26 seconds.

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04.23.2019 , 12:38 PM | #23
Tactical item that enables Assault Plastique to be AoE and Flak Shell, Explosive Surge, and Artillery Blitz to deal more AoE damage. This will help with large groups of adds (like the Revanite Commanders encounter).
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04.24.2019 , 01:55 AM | #24
I like the idea of an aoe detonate/plastique option.

Tactical item that increases rocket punch/stockstrike range to 10m and causes you to quickly dash forward when you activate it, imagine a little sprint animation for VGs or jetpack animation for PTs, like a mini version of storm/charge, turns the ability into a mini gap closer.

Tactical item that increases the maximum stack count for energy/cell burst to 6, maybe with some other bonus attached to push players into shooting bigger, heavier bursts less frequently as a playstyle option.

Tactical item that makes artillery blitz/deadly onlsaught instant but still deal damage in the area over a period of time. Imagine the VG/PT quickly shooting off some rounds/missiles and then having them rain down over a few seconds or leave behind an electric/fiery field.

Tactical item that lets you load even more missiles, maybe extra initial missiles or two missiles per tick instead, because weaving missiles is a lot of fun.

I'm trying to think of a tactical item that might make Magnetic/Tactical a more interesting skill but I can't think of one just yet, maybe tomorrow.

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04.24.2019 , 05:59 AM | #25
Damage wise it's the best burst in pve, defensives wise it's really bad but its more like a pvp thing. Giving the dcds without reducing the damage not gonna work so What I would suggest is this :

Give dcds and reduce damage. This way, its gonna be viable in pvp without affecting the pve.
The second thing is giving the range to the magnetic blast, shatter slug to 15-20metres, reducing the damage output again, more kiting for pvp, better survivability
Shutter slugs spread the dots on the other targets (already suggested, a very good idea)
Other than that all is fine in this spec.

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04.24.2019 , 10:05 PM | #26
Another tactical idea would be increase the critical chance to 100?% of either cannon or rail shot during explosive fuel. One thing that annoys me is when the RNG of your burst window gets screwed and you get around 45-50% crits during it. This would help maximize the burst and ensure it's not as affected by RNG.

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04.27.2019 , 08:25 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by KainrycKarr View Post

- A Tactical Item that changes Sonic Missile's 30% Defense Chance to 75% Force/Tech Absorption.

While in theory, 30% defense chance can be amazing...or it can be utterly useless. This will help reduce the RNG nature of the ability and offer the spec more consistent survivability that it has lacked for two years, while still ensuring it can still be countered (absorption means reduced damaged, but stun/CC still possible)

- A Tactical Item that changes Rail shot, Magnetic blast and Shatter slug to have 15m range instead of 10.

This item would restore some of the kiting ability that was lost when it was established that Powertech should be 10 meters and under, giving it increased passive survivability against melee opponents.

- A Tactical Item that changes Grappling line to be able to be used within 10 meters, deal X amount of damage and root the target for 3 seconds.


"Brawler" set

2/6 - Rocket Punch increases damage dealt by 4% for 15 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.
4/6 - Rocket Punch's heat is reduced by 2%.
6/6 - Increases the duration of Energy Shield and Sonic Defense by four seconds.

Will add more as I think on them a bit.

1. Also CHange their Utility Like Utility Buffing their Kolto overload to heal twice as fast & & to more 70% HP Also Getting them out of Hard CC & keep the cooldown same as their now.
2. in Sonic Missile/Round Give them 75% damage absorption for 6 seconds.

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04.29.2019 , 10:57 PM | #28
Eric one of the biggest complaints about the vanguard from day one was its lack of explosives and blaster bolts. Note I am not talking about stat wars. I am talking about what people feel a trooper should be, in my opinion, I think the tactical item slot may solve that long term issue in swtor.

1. The first tactical item for tactics should be drastically increasing direct target damage of assault plastique while maintaining the current area damage, or on the flip side drastically increasing the area damage, but lowering the direct target damage.

2. The second tactical item that could be fun is gut, increasing its rate of bleed, or increasing its amount of damage of bleed. Though that might be more balance and less tactical. A possible tactical is when an enemy is gutted one out of 4 guts it pushes that enemy back 10 meters. One out of four is to avoid abuse.

3. This one is not so much advanced class but rather important to a trooper. A tactical ability that drastically increases the rate of fire of hammer shot.

As for set bonuses no offense to anyone with this term, but ill leave that to the stat monkeys.

A few notes personally I would love to get my 30 meter full auto back on my vanguards. The second is cell burst. Its still bugged. Even if you have three full charges on it, and have the set bonus proced on it, it will still at times hit the target and do zero damage. One last personal note let my vanguard fully join the Empire hehehehe. I know not going to happen but I can dream.

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05.02.2019 , 02:09 AM | #29
Link to Main Forum Post with Google Doc of Failure's Set Bonus and Tactical Item suggestions


Tactical Suggestions:
  • A tactical item could be that it changes Energy Burst so that the stacks not only scale damage, but also energy spent. Each stack makes it cost 5 more energy (so 4 stacks remain the same 20 energy). I don't remember the math off hand, but I think it still does more damage as a filler at 2 stacks than Mag Blast while costing a bit less heat. So it would be a juggle between sustained damage vs burst but also making sure we'd use all 4 stacks if there is still an autocrit mechanic tied to it in 6.0.
  • Energy Burst now cascades from the target hitting up to 3 additional targets for 70%/50%/30% damage
  • Rail gun: Rail shot is now a cleave, similar to Nahut. Functions similar to dual saber throw.
    • 20m centered on a target, hitting everything between you and the target and past that target in a 20m line. Dealing reduced damage to each consecutive target to a maximum of 4 targets and cannot occur more than once every X seconds.
  • Increase maximum energy load stacks from 4 to 5

Set Bonus:
  • 2 set - Rocket Punch energy cost reduced by 3.
  • 4 set - Explosive Fuel vents 3 heat per second over the duration
  • 6 set - Keep current auto crit set bonus
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05.02.2019 , 03:40 PM | #30
Just gonna throw out ideas I think would be cool, overpowered or not since devs would adjust them anyways. I really like the idea of more off GCD for the class since it makes it way more fast paced, and it's always felt like it should be one of the fastest paced class/specs.

Tactical Items -

1) Gut is no longer a GCD nor uses energy cells but has a cooldown.
2) Flak Shot's detonation will spread gut's dot to all surrounding enemies if applied.
3) High Impact Bolt shots become an off GCD ability when procced.
4) High Impact Bolt procs become individual, making abilities that proc it have their own 6 second internal cooldown so that you could use multiple HIB shots in a row.
5) High Impact Bolt/Cell Burst grants a shield for 1/2 the damage value.
6) Shockstrike applies a bludgeon dot that deals all it's remaining damage x2 when hit with a high impact bolt.
7) Shoulder Cannon no longer has a cooldown and recharges every 2 seconds (maxs at 7) but at reduced damage.
8) Adrenaline Rush no longer regenerates health, it heals based on damage taken over the next 3-6 seconds.
9) Adrenaline Rush disperses 20% of the damage recieved during across all enemies.
10) Hold the Line reduces damage taken from the front by 70%.

I really want a new ability for tactics, so I'm gonna add this.
New ability: Everyone in the party/ops gains a shield that absorbs 50% of the incoming damage for the next 4 damage instances.

Set Bonuses -

1) 2/6: Regenerates 2% health everytime Gut's dot affects the target.
2) 4/6: High Impact Bolt regenerates 10 energy cells.
3) 6/6: The next 4 stack Cell Burst is an instant crit and regenerates 10 energy cells. Once per minute.

1) 2/6: Gut's bleed effect increases damage to target by 5%
2) 4/6: Shockstrike, High Impact Bolt, Gut, and Assault Plastique ignore 20% of the target's armor. (additional if already ignoring)
3) 6/6: Shoulder Cannon has an additional 25% crit chance/damage against targets affected by Gut's bleed.