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09.28.2014 , 08:59 AM | #181
Species/Race: Human
Name: Jirry
Last Name: Dalara
Nickname: Captain, Hound, Boss, Spark, Ace
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Unknown
Age: 25
Height: 1.80 meters
Weight: 80 kg
Hair Color/Style: Carbon black
Facial Appearance: Sooted, tired
Eye Color: Brown
Body Appearance: He don't look like much, very average...people come to regret it (Body type 2)
Home Planet: Nar Shadaa, but mostly his own ship
Current Residence: XS Freighter in unknown hutt space
Allegiance: (Unofficial) The Republic (Official) His crew
Profession: Full time Smuggler, half time bounty hunter
Clothes: Azur blue coat that carries a bomb belt
Primary Weapon(s): Two guns he call Colby and Jack
Miscellaneous Item(s): Bombs...nothing else just BOMBS!

Personality: Every one may look at him and think: "A dumb nobody who sleeps on the street" Truth is he is probably the smartest person you'd ever meet in cybertech, slicing, marksmanship, explosives, and space piloting. His looks tell of a calmed person with no sense of bathing. The soot on his cheeks and the giant burn scar on the side of his face all comes from his experiments with explosive materials. His calmed look is actually a face of one who don't get much sleep. He spends nights in his office making new grenades and new tools for his two guns. His bed is five years old and has NEVER been used.
Likes: Explosions, violence when neccesary, silencing bothers, vengeance, technology, fights that end quickly.
Dislikes: Unnecessary violence, bullying for fun, random charity, snobs, egoistic behavior, explaining why he does things.

Biography: Nobody knows where he came from. His entire life has been a mystery to everyone who knows him, all they know is that he is one guy you don't want to get mad....boom!
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10.02.2014 , 05:26 AM | #182
Species/Race: Human.
Name: Jacor Tordek.
Middle Name: None.
Last Name: Tordek.
Nickname: "Raider".
Gender: Male.
Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.
Age: 21.
Height: 6'1.
Weight: 85 kilograms.
Hair Color/Style: Naturally dark brown and shaven entirely bald all over.
Facial Appearance: Solid face and strong jawline.
Eye Color: Dark green.
Body Appearance: Medium build fairly well built. Considered nondescript.
Home Planet: Unknown.
Current Residence: Defender-class light corvette "Raider".
Allegiance: Republic.
Profession: Jedi Knight and subclass of Jedi Guardian.
Armor/Clothes: Jedi Guardian Heavy Armour.
Primary Weapon(s): Blue crystal lightsaber hilt.
Secondary Weapon(s): None.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Commlink, datapad, portable holomap, med packs, portable hologram transceiver, food capsules, A99 aquata breather.



Jacor was found wrapped in a snug white bundle of blankets on the doorstep of a small building at a remote moisture farm in the south of the brutal Jundland Wastes located on the planet Tatooine as a small newborn baby. The owners of the farm who were named Jexter Tordek and Sarla Tordek a middle class couple aged in their mid twenties that were both 5th generation Tatooinian's. Being the good people that they were, they decided to take him in and raised the small child as their own. Days later they decided to name him Jacor and also gave him their own surname, Tordek. Throughout his life, he helped his father with working on the moisture evaporators whilst pushing through the intensity of the desert heat and persistent sandstorms to assisting his mother with cleaning the insides of the family home, helping water the plant life, and cooking for the family and the occasional visitors from neighboring moisture farms. Nearing the tail end of his early childhood, his father provided him with a blaster rifle and told him to go and clear out nearby wamp rats that had attempted to damage his moisture evaporators. Jacor dutifully followed his father's command and had on numerous occasions wiped out the vermin with one or two shots needed for the death of the creatures. After awhile, he developed decent skills with shooting in general and greatly enjoyed the thrill it provided.

As Jacor aged from his adolescence to his later childhood years, he grew strong from the constant work and good food his adopted parents provided him with and acquired a strong sense of moral values and great work ethic. Through his life, he attended primary, middle and secondary school at the neighboring school named "The School of Anchorhead" a fairly good educational institution catering kids with their from kinder garden, primary, middle and high school in the well known desert city and elsewhere. During his time there he met many different sentients composed of different races and cultures and met some good friends. Upon completion of his education with above average grades in all subjects, especially in information technology which he found he had a knack for, as well as physical education where he graduated in with honours in his class. Time passed and after celebrations with other classmates he decided to continue to assist his parents with their household activities without them requesting it as he felt it was the right thing to do since they provided him with an honest upbringing.

The Militia

Time quickly passed and at the age of 17 he noticed an advertisement for the Tatooine Militia and gave it some thought. Initially, he really liked the idea of doing a job that involved weapons and physical activity and soon after decided to join and soon after received a notification for his assessment day.

With the standard testing expected of an aspiring member of a paramilitary force done, he was given the "all clear" and was assigned to Alpha Squad, 3rd Platoon, of the 1st Jundland Waste's Infantry Company which numbered one hundred men in total. The newly recruited individual was assigned the rank of "Recruit". During his time there he received "on the job" training that an Infantryman would get and he excelled in small arms related activities as well as basic navigation, camouflage and field craft training and physical fitness sessions and assessments. Whilst serving, he was noted by his company commander Captain Raknar Ordek for having "great potential" and this was mentioned to his superiors who then decided to promote him to the rank of Private, signifying his full transition from a civilian to a member of the Tatooinian Militia.

One day his squad of twelve soldiers was tasked with guarding a moisture farm and came under attack by a huge party of fifty Tusken Raiders, some on Banthas. With a firm order, his Squad Leader, Sergeant Delton Mardek ordered the squad in a strategic defensive formation around the moisture farm and the unit's Radioman to call in for support. Moving into position near the white ledge opposite the depths of the desert, Tordek aimed his blaster rifle into the distance and scanned the horizon for any enemy forces as the squad did the same and the Radioman moved back to quickly call in the likely much needed ground support. Soon after, a hail of Tusken Raider war cries were heard and the Tusken's quickly converged upon their positions from all sides. Hastily, Jacor shot over a dozen down with pinpoint accuracy, scoring a few head shots as his fellow squad mates also took some of the enemy down themselves. But the worst was yet to come as the Raiders continued to attack the squad and overwhelmed it and killed many of them. With a desperate order, Sergeant Mardek ordered the final four of squad into the Farmer's building to protect the family alongside the Father. Jacor immediately accepted this order and proceeded with his Sergeant and his fellow squad members into the structure.

They soon after barricaded themselves in the structure with different kinds of furniture but were once again overwhelmed by the Tuskens. Out of ammunition, they drew their vibro blades as they heard ship's fly overhead. Without wasting a second, they engaged and killed numerous Tusken Raiders in close blade to gaderffii stick combat. At the end of it, Jacor, his Sergeant, the Radioman and two other squad members were left standing and woundless. They had fought like hell and saved the family. Sadly though, dad was dead. Reinforcements soon after arrived and assisted them with clearing out the remaining Tuskens and tending to the injured and dead.

After this encounter the squad were given "Rest and Recuperation" R&R for short for a month. During this time, Jacor spent time in Anchorhead, back at home, and exploring The Dune Sea. Now and then he would meet Jawa's and other moisture farmers and developed good relations with them. After about a year in the Militia, Jacor got a notice from his commander for a meeting. At the meeting, the seasoned duo discussed in detail his service history and life spent at home and suggested along with his Sergeant that he join the Army of the Republic which was noted as a professional military organization similar to the Militia. Jacor sadly thought this over and agreed. Soon after, he informed his family, friends and squad mates and was then shipped off to an Army of the Republic military base for the needed testing to see if he had what it took to serve in the legendary organization.

Army of the Republic

Some time passed and he was soon after shipped off to the militaristic planet of Carida. With an anxious wait for around a month which he spent working out at a local gym and resting, Jacor was finally given the chance to attend Basic Combat Training. Also known as "Basic". At this place he learnt most of what he learnt in the Militia and graduated twelve weeks later as an Infantryman but with a special "Reconnaissance" designation given due to his prior service in the paramilitary organization and his excellent performance in Basic. Soon afterwards, he was given Advanced Infantry Training which consisted of learning several infantry related skills ranging from advanced infantry tactics, advanced field craft, advanced camouflaging and concealment, and use of infantry weaponry and equipment. The course was commonly referred to as "AIT" and ran for five weeks. At the end of the course he graduated with honours and was named "the best in his platoon" by his superiors.

After that, he was assigned to the Reconnaissance Course also known as "RC" and spent fifteen weeks there. In this place he learned and practiced numerous specialized military communications with basic and advanced military equipment also ranging from specialized small arms, from light to heavy weapons and grenades all the way to demolitions training, instinctive weapons handling, basic and advanced speeder as well as ground vehicle based training. In addition to this, he learned and trained in squad based tactics to airborne insertion methods like HAHO and HALO and even underwater military diving techniques and with advanced re-breather aquatic equipment tactics of insertion and exfiltration to basic and advanced camouflage, field craft, stalking as well as basic and advanced reconnaissance techniques all in jungle, snow, desert and space based warfare training and methods centering on squad and platoon based tactics. Additionally, he learnt and practiced highly sort after assassination, reconnaissance, and VIP protection training all to make him a "highly specialized and extremely capable" soldier of the Republic Army.

Once more, he graduated with honours and was noted as having a "rarely seen level of physical fitness, reflexes and obsession to win at all costs". He was also given a dog tag which stated: "RT-3018" The RT for Reconnaissance Trooper and 3018 for his serial coded identification number. Tordek also spared a long thought for his friends and family, realizing he'd likely not see them again due to the intensity and longevity of military service life.

Time once again passed and he was assigned with the rank of Private to his platoon sized unit of sixty Soldiers. The unit was officially designated as: "Alpha Platoon, Rancor Company, 6th Reconnaissance Battalion, 8th Republican Army Brigade, 3rd Corps." His platoon which almost always partook in military operations as a sole body and seldom ever broke off into smaller groups of Soldiers was led by Lieutenant Zaydor Tarkal, a seasoned and grizzly former enlisted man who dubbed the unit the "Raging Rancor's". Time passed as they constantly honed their skills and soon after this they were tasked with proceeding to the planetary capital of the Republic, Coruscant. There they preformed urban reconnaissance on hostile Imperial and criminal forces centered around the Senatorial and Jedi Temple sections of the city. Time passed and their objectives were accomplished with no casualties over an intense six month deployment.

Once more, they were assigned this time to the planet Tatooine. Jacor's home planet. Secretly, he was glad to return "home." The unit was assigned to the Dune Sea area of operations and were ordered to split up into small squads of twelve Troopers each. Tordek, outfitted in far superior equipment compared to his Militia days utilizing his customized blaster rifle to scan the surrounding area with it's advanced optics and noticed a party of Tusken Raiders. He quickly alerted his squad and soon after the unit engaged the enemy. With even better precision, the man destroyed the violent monsters with his squad with relative ease. But worse trouble was brewing. A nearby Imperial infantry platoon had heard the blaster fire and engaged their position. With a swift and well placed order, the squad commander gave orders for the unit to spread out and engage the Imperials in open combat as they engaged the squad with accurate blaster rifle fire from a couple of hundred meters away. Hastily maneuvering away from the fire, the unit had taken some casualties and had just seven men left but was soon after reinforced by the entire platoon. The big brother had come to save the day as the large unit commenced cleaning up the now scattered and obliterated enemy unit of Imperial soldiers. All the soldiers cheered. The battle was won. The Imperials were all defeated and the Republican Army infantry platoon suffered only twelve dead in total.

Soon after a huge wave of the vicious beasts numbering about a hundred engaged their position and the unit was given the order to retreat to a nearby urban area encased within the sand. With great effort, the Republican Soldiers defended the position against constant Tusken assaults, held their position and repelled the enemy entirely, for now. The Lieutenant then gave the order for Private Tordek and his squad of now 12 members to proceed ahead as the Platoon provided them with overhead cover as they advanced. The unit advanced as ordered but were then faced with another group of Tuskens who suddenly zipped up out of the ground and they then charged. The men engaged them at point blank range with blaster cannon and blaster rifle fire but were overwhelmed bar Tordek. He expertly engaged and killed every last Tusken Raider with his rifle's bayonet and then was faced with the remaining one who eyed him off. Tordek dropped his rifle realizing it had run out of ammunition and that the bayonet was detached off of it and removed his combat knife. The monster lunged forward and smashed into him. Jacor took advantage of this and stabbed into it's chest, but with no luck. The monster smashed him to the ground and the man quickly wrestled it off of him and got to his feet as it sprung up to meet him. The man stabbed, slashed and headbutted the beast as it tore at him giving him non serious cuts and bruises with it's gaderffii, knocking his combat knife from his grip. He then resorted to beating the beast with his fist, punching it and smashing his head against it's own once more and the fight decayed into a slugging match. Tordek heard fighting in the distance as he quickly refocused on the monster and killed him with his own bare hands, smashing it's face and neck inwards, finally killing it.

Tordek's commander came right afterwards and informed him that evac also known as "evacuation" had arrived. A military shuttle flew overhead and quickly landed, picking up what was rest of the unit and taking them off the brutal planet as Trex looked on past the squad bay of the ship as he held onto the overhead railing and watching the battlefield fade away into the distance as they ascended upwards into the smoky, hot and humid sky away from the war torn battle ground littered with bodies signifying the carnage that had enveloped it.

Time slowly passed and Jacor Tordek stayed with his unit at the Republic Fleet and rested. Their mission had been accomplished. The Private was soon after awarded a Republican Bronze Star for his heroic, ferocious and ceaseless performance in combat on the planet of Tatooine as well as a promotion to Private First Class and was unofficially given the nick name "Raider" by his superiors for his fierceness in combat that resembled a Tusken Raider's. With great pride Jacor accepted the award during a relatively private ceremony aboard Carrick Station. But at the age of twenty and after two years of total military service the galaxy once again had other plans for him..

The Jedi Order:

Jacor was approached by a Jedi named Sylax Kerdl and force tested out of the blue. After being found to be force sensitive he was asked to join the Jedi Order. The man regretfully accepted and hated having to leave his unit behind but being advised but some of his close family members, squad mates, his unit commander, and regretfully his squad commander that he would be serving at his "fullest potential" as a member of the Jedi Order.

After a quick induction into The Jedi Order the rather unorthodox "Jedi" quickly flew through the various learning and testing and became a Jedi and rose through the ranks and eventually was given the rank of Jedi Knight. The man was tasked with numerous activities both covert and overt which ranged from helping those in need with technical related and social problems, defeating darksiders, preforming reconnaissance, sabotaging enemy equipment, training guerrilla fighters and even assassinations of highly dangerous individuals ranging from Imperials military forces to force users like Sith.

Nowadays he is travelling across the galaxy from the blistering heat of the sand dunes of Tatooine to the snow ridden lands and biting cold of Alderaan all in the name of accomplishing missions on behalf of the Jedi Order and the Republic.

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10.02.2014 , 10:39 AM | #183
Species/Race: Sith
Name: Vitarus "Long lived"
Middle Name: N/A
Last Name: Xen’Dar
Nickname: Vit
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 2 BTC
Place of Birth: Dromund Kaas
Age: 58
Height: 5’10” (170 cm)
Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg)
Hair Colour: Jet Black
Facial Appearance: Tendril beard, nasal jewelry, scarred right side
Eye Colour: Amber
Body Appearance: Average height but very fit, as befits the Wrath (Body Type 2)
Home Planet: Dromund Kaas
Current Residence: The Xen’Dar Estate in Kaas City
Allegiance: The Emperor and the Empire
Profession: Wrath of the Emperor; Lord Wrath
Armour: Heavy Battlemaster armour with spikes, cables, and a waist cape
Primary Weapon(s): Darth Baras’ lightsaber with a Black-Blue crystal
Secondary Weapon(s): Verpine shield generator
Miscellaneous Item(s): A collection of other lightsabers and crystals taken from Jedi & Sith as trophies or bought on various markets
(I used the character creator to get this shot because the lighting is very nice)

Biography: Vitarus was the firstborn of a prominent Sith family, to parents who were at the forefront of the Great Galactic War. His family was one of the founding members of the Order of Revan. Because of this, Vitarus was tolerant to aliens, was more grey than dark in most circumstances, and sought to bring stability to the instability of the Sith. Vitarus stands with Darth Marr in his support for the Empire. In instances where he agrees with who he’s fighting, such as Darth Malgus’ Rebellion & the Revanite Crisis, he feels conflicted but ultimately stands with the Empire. He fell in love with a blue Twi’lek, Vette, and they were married, however she died but a year later. Two years after that, Vitarus married a Mandalorian woman, Liudvika, and they had three children together. Liudvika died six years later; killed by agents of the Hutts. Still, Vitarus stands a very powerful and successful man in the Sith Empire, an agent of his Master's wishes.
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11.09.2014 , 06:49 PM | #184
Species: Sith
Name: Aur
Middle Name: Jidai
Last Name: Marek
Nickname: Jidai
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 7 BTC
Place of Birth: Anchorhead
Age: 20
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Hair Color/Style: Aur has black, tousled hair swept to the right which he usually prefers to keep trimmed if he's not required to embark on a mission for an extensive duration.
Facial Appearance: Aur's crimson face is characterized largely by the tendril-like masses of flesh which descend from the sides of his mouth and from the lower part of his jaw, from each of the sides of his face to his chin; aside from his Sith traits, Aur has a common physiognomy, which carries a countenance so ordinary to the nature of any person of any species it could be thought cordial, through which he conveys glances signifying a caring endeavor to attain understanding and sympathy.
Eye Color: Red
Body Appearance: Aur is fairly well-built, although he can become lazy or spend a few weeks doing things other than maintaining physical fitness.
Home Planet: Tatooine
Current Residence: Tython
Allegiance: Ashla
Profession: Jedi Guardian
Armor/Clothes: Aur usually wears heavy armor consisting entirely of Jedi robes; he mostly prefers to wear his brown, unhooded training vestments composed of fabric and metal issued by the Order from when he was a Padawan.
Primary Weapon(s): His exposed-crystal lightsaber which he constructed on Tython; he could handle a blaster rifle at a close range, if anyone needed him to, but he'd probably miss if he had to fire it at a distance, and he'd be terrible with blaster pistols, even at a meter or so away.
Secondary Weapon(s): Usually a shield generator; he could pick up a second lightsaber if it would prove itself to be more convenient at a moment, but he's more adept at using one and spending more time considering how the Force might aid him rather than what he could do with another weapon in his hand.
Miscellaneous Item(s):

Biography: Aur's descended from a distant lineage of Sith ancestors of the Kissai subspecies interbred with human Force-users who have remained in contact with the Jedi Order for countless centuries. His parents thought of migrating to Korriban after the Treaty of Coruscant was written. Aur doesn't usually divulge how his life unfolded over the next few years, unless people who deem him to be a friend ask. He had always been recognized as having a magnificent strength in the Force, although he lived with regular Republic children. He joined the Jedi Order at the age of 13. He always felt that true balance in the Force was not to deny that passion existed and had meaning, nor to feel equal darkness and light, but to extend compassion to everyone, although he would never protest against his teachers; he always sought to understand rather than to be understood, and always felt that what mattered most was that people knew someone cared about them. For the next 4 years, he mostly remained on Coruscant; he was later brought to Tython, where he passed his trials and became a Knight over the course of a year.
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12.13.2014 , 06:42 AM | #185
Middle Name:N/A
Last Name:Ora
Nickname:Gizka(Given due to her small size)
Hair Color/Style:Almost always obscured by hood presumed black
Facial Appearance:Youthful,Marked by a traditional Mirialan tattoo
Eye Color:Green
Skin Color:Green
Body Appearance:Slender,Youthful
Home Planet:Nar Shaddaa
Current Residence:Defender-class Starship
Allegiance:Jedi Order,Republic...sort of
Enemies:Various Gangs,Sith Empire,Galactic Senate(sees them as useless and only barely better than the empire)
Profession:Jedi Guardian
Known Lightsaber Forms:Shii-Cho,Makashi,Soresu,Shien
Practiced Lightsaber Forms:Shii-Cho,Rudimentary Soresu
Armor/Clothes:Worn Black Heavy-robe(formerly owned by her sister)
Primary Weapon(s):Worn Battered Single-bladed Blue Lightsaber (formerly owned by her sister)
Secondary Weapon(s):N/A
Miscellaneous Item(s):Personal Shield Generator

Personality:Extremely Untrusting,Hates Republic troopers for their inability to protect anyone

Notable Quotes:"No Prisoners,Prisoners escape and when they escape they kill and the blood of those they kill are on your hands."

Sister:Jedi Guardian Kaia Ora(Deceased,Killed in gang violence)

=please forgive any spelling or grammar errors english is not my strong suit but i try=
=Edit removed secondary weapon for realism reasons=

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04.10.2015 , 01:43 PM | #186
Name: Ryancerr
Middle Name: Jaek
Last Name: Drakon
Nickname: Hawk
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Dromund Kaas
Species/Race: Epicanthix/Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'10
Facial Appearance:
Body Appearance: Strong Build, several scars in various places of his body as a result of action, Hawk tattoo on his arm as well as the name 'Kilbi' on the other.
Home Planet: Dromund Kaas.
Current Residence: Coruscant.
Allegiance: Sith Empire (Formerly), Galactic Republic, Republic Special Armed Forces.
Profession: Captain for R.S.A.F. Hawkbat Squad, Formerly a Imperial Lieutenant for the 221th Battalion.
Armor/Clothes: Prototype Commando Armor emblazoned with the Squad insignia
Primary Weapon(s): Blaster Rifle (Exact model unknown, heavily modified.)
Secondary Weapon(s): Standard issue Combat Knife.
Miscellaneous Item(s):
Family: Kilbi Drakon - Husband, Kath Drakon - Mother, Arok Drakon - Father, Wrax Drakon - Bother.

Biography: (Will complete if and when I can decide on most of the details)
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04.21.2015 , 05:59 PM | #187
Species/Race: Human
Name: Jackema
Middle Name: Bobby
Last Name: Kennety
Nickname: Jack
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 19 BTC
Place of Birth: N/A
Age: 30
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 204 lbs
Hair Color/Style: Brown, neatly combed
Facial Appearance: Nothing remarkable about the face
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: Walks with a slight limp in the left leg, although never in public
Home Planet: N/A
Current Residence: Coruscant
Allegiance: Republic, Galactic Seante
Profession: Senator
Armor/Clothes: Dresses in formal wear almost constantly
Primary Weapon(s): Rarely has a weapon, but prefers a blaster rifle to anything else
Secondary Weapon(s): N/A
Miscellaneous Item(s): N/A

Biography: Born into an upper class family on an obscure planet, Jackema had a childhood trouble with sickness. When the war with the Empire started up, Jack joined the Republic Navy. During a regular routine run, Jack's ship was almost completely destroyed by an Imperial Cruiser. Jack, a lieutenant, was the highest remaining offical after the incident. Jack, whom had never been in command felt overwhelmed. He hoped another Republic ship would save them, but after a while, it became apparent that no one was coming. Jack decided to have the remaining crew get into the few remaining escape pods and hope for the best. One wrong turn, and Jack and his crew could be stuck on an Imperial planet. Jack and the crew crashed onto a planet that was currently being fought on. They crashed in the ocean, but luckily, some islands were nearby. After a few nights of attempting to signal a Republic base, Jack soon realized that their supplies were dwindling quickly. He and another one of the crew mates swam to a nearby island to try to find resources, but failed. After a few more nights, they found a canoe. Again Jack went out, hoping to find a Republic base. That night though, a horrible storm struck the ocean. Jack and the crewmember were thrown out of the canoe and into the ocean. The crew member drowned, but Jack was saved by some local native aliens. Before they could save him however, Jack was severely beat up. His knee was stuck hard and never recovered, the same goes for his back. The aliens took him to a nearby Republic base. Jack sent a rescue crew after his ship mates. That was the first time Jack had ever taken lead of anything, and he was a changed man for it.

Jack is a widower. His wife was killed by an assassin. After his wife, who was a politician died, Jack left his then profession of teaching at a school in Coruscant to join the Senate and continue his wife's mission of making the Senate work again and removing corruption. His closest friend, Dwight Nix, is also his adviser and formerly a Senator. Dwight left after Jack's wife died to help Jack continue his mission.

Now, Jack lives on Coruscant, representing the small planet he comes from.
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