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A master's distress...

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01.28.2018 , 08:58 AM | #1
Hey guys! I was recently inspired to start forum RP. I have no idea if anyone still does this, but feel free to jump in!

The Jedi Master paced the halls of the Tythonian Jedi Temple with an anxious face. Padawans walked past her, glancing at each other as soon as they saw her expression. The Jedi Master then dashed to the archives,
panting and looking more worried with each and every step. She scanned the files with an knowing eye, and then selected a file and began to read it. Her Padawan entered the room just as their master fell to the ground with an ashen face. The Padawan rushed to her side as...

(Join in if you want!)
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03.02.2019 , 05:38 AM | #2
the overzealous young Padawan nearly crushed the poor momentarily sunken master Jedi. Just as the friendly master Jedi Okon thought to herself that things couldn't possibly get any worse, and all of it during the worst part of the difficulty of the day. Suddenly, the holo library archive assistant appears as a host of red proximity lights began blinking on the nearby holo library that is usually quiet in it's own cyan color of blue.

There's even a embarrassing red proximity warning error on the floor near to the holo archives. Oh, and the noise was grand. A nearby droid begins freaking out in logic beeps as the young Padawan has completely freaked out in utter concern for master Okon. Everyone in the library is watching this catastrophe as the droid swiftly tends to the holo archive that has fallen to the floor in the most energetic way.

Master Okon suddenly can't even remember what the archive contained. It's just so horrifying to have that awful sound of a durable item striking the floor with enough energy to produce the even more horrifying sound of that item sliding across the floor. All of this, in the library of all places. As things quieten down, the archive assistant reasons with the nearby errors. A Wookie runs in only to shout "RAHHHH" in Shyriiwook.

Master Okon feels a great sign of relief as everyone in the library turns their heads only to be greeted by a random Wookie that's holding a impressively giant blaster rifle. The archive assistant quietly apologizes to the master Jedi in a comforting way as the young Padiwan and archive assistant both agree that maybe master Okon can come back at a later time when the holo archive isn't as busy.

As this whole ordeal frustrates the peaceful Jedi master whom is now outnumbered by the reasoning of the misspent young minds of the archive assistant and Padawan. Master Okon quietly agrees as the quiet brooding of the matter dissipates in the short walk it takes to enter the main hall. Once outside in the main hall of the Jedi temple unexpectedly the master Jedi turns the wrong way to wander the path which is the most quiet.

Master Jedi Okon begins quiet conversation with the young Padawan as they both walk. They talk about considerations for the Padawan. Master Okon notes the current concerns and focus in the current tasks. Then back to the focus on the Padawan's readiness for the coming trials. There's a brief moment in a story of a great Jedi that relentlessly climbed a mountain that she knew couldn't be climbed, but she tried to climb it anyway.

The two Jedi quietly wander outside of the Jedi temple, and the master Jedi Okon heads towards the hidden areas on Tython. First a long trip through the trails and wooded areas, and then they both slowly slip away from civilization by walking up huge piles of rocks at the base of a mountain. Slowly the master navigates cracks & waterfalls in such a way as to allow the Padawan to follow. Then more & more the quiet stillness of Tython grows.

The Jedi master takes time to allow the Padawan to consider the options & consequences of navigating this dangerous hidden path up the side of the mountain, and further still with cracks & holes that would swallow a person alive. Why the Padawan is nearing absolute certainty of facing death one challenge after another. A slip, as the Padawan falls into deep hole. The Jedi master caches the Padawan with a strict warning of just how dangerous this is.

Time passes as the path becomes more easy, and then it's presented to the Padawan. We are jumping over the walls & shield walls to venture out into the true woodlands of Tython. Suddenly there is a giant lake that appears. The master Jedi then beckons to the Padawan to follow into the knee deep water. They wade deeper up to the waist before crossing giant statues of the Jedi that had fallen into destruction. Then wading to land again by the lake side.

The master Jedi begins to lay down mostly everything in a way that would display to the Padawan that none of this stuff mattered. With a nice pile of stuff laying in the grass that now has a nice pile of Padawan stuff right next to it. The Jedi master instructs to just leave it there as they continue off both without weapons, items, or even a full set of clothing. Sometimes they wait peacefully in waist deep water in a quiet type of stillness.

Nearing the end of the trip the two Jedi are approaching mountains even larger than the huge mountains they have already navigated over. This time though, they go between the mountains in a very small crack between huge rocks and walls that were built so long ago that the wall has begun to fall apart. Then a even larger lake is found that's surrounded by huge trees. There are smaller mountains inside the lake, and the sight of it all is astounding.

The two Jedi stare at the mountains in the lake. Dark rocks that must have been there forever. There's the same quiet stillness out there. They can both feel the trees around them. After the moment had past they wandered around the woods a little bit. Unfortunately though they needed to get back to the Jedi temple. So they slowly made their way back not forgetting to grab all their stuff by the lakeside on the way back. Then appearing later at the Jedi temple.