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Blockade Runners

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07.29.2017 , 03:12 AM | #1
Tatooine, the outlaw's paradise and harsher then an imperial academy. A man, quite tall and possibly old enough to be a grandfather, sits on a table in the Mos Ila cantina. His face is obscured in what a smuggler would wear: A hat with something to cover his mouth; A long coat, maybe to hide a few smuggled blasters; A blaster holstered in one side of his belt, the buckle showing a peculiar sign; a drink in one hand; an eyepatch on one eye and an electro-staff. As people passed he asked "Want to join my crew?". They just walked away.
(Feel free to join in!)

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07.29.2017 , 05:59 AM | #2
It was nearly closing time. The bartender shouted
"Last drinks!"
The man stood still, almost as if he wasn't listening.
A few moments later, the bartender strutted towards the man
"IT'S CLOSING TIME!" Bart (which was the bartender's nick name) shouted, "Get out!".
"Calm down, give me a minute, and I'll be gone."
"No you won't, you'll be leaving NOW!"
Two bouncers grabbed the, now struggling man, and threw him out.
The man landed in some womp-rat toilet. If he didn't have his mouth-cover on, he would've caught a disease. Making himself comfortable inside his small-freighter, he fell asleep.
The two suns rose, the whole of the slum filled city woke. The man tried again, hoping for recruits.