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WTT useless back-cooler and literal garbage for jetpack + rockets.

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WTT useless back-cooler and literal garbage for jetpack + rockets.

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01.18.2019 , 02:37 AM | #1
Disclaimer: This is written in PT-speak, so if someone wants to translate for the Vanguards in the crowd, you're more than welcome to. This is also my first ever post on the SWTOR forums, so please let me know if I've committed some major faux pas instead of just deleting my post or hitting me with the banhammer.

I came back to the game a few days ago because I wanted to try out the new expansion. The last time I had played was after KOTET ended, and they replaced PT's Missile Blast and Death From Above with Shrapnel Slug and Deadly Onslaught, as well as removing Flamethrower and Explosive Dart. I created a new AP/PT character, because I wanted to give the good ole BH story another run before I bothered with any new content. To my great disappointment, I discovered that the changes to PT had managed to stick around, though I told myself that maybe I just burned out on the game last time, and that I'd learn to like them with a bit of play.

To my credit, I made it as far as Belsavis before deciding to call it quits. Throughout my time playing, something always felt off, and I tried a number of solutions to remedy this, ranging from getting myself a fresh set of Mandalorian duds from the Cartel Market, to unequipping my blaster entirely and going full melee for a planet to try to spice up my playstyle. But no matter what I did, I kept coming back to how wrong the "new" moves felt. Now, before I get into what I don't like about them, I'd like to preface this by saying that I don't do any PvP, so I don't know or particularly care about the balance there. I respect your views if you do, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. If I'm going to do PvP, I'll do it in a game that's built for it.

Personally, I think the most glaring issue is just how ugly Deadly Onslaught is. When you activate it, an imperial-white beverage cooler spawns on your back out of nowhere, not even having the decency to match colors to your chest piece, and starts spraying missiles everywhere, while your character flails his hands and launches what sound like mini versions of Missile Blast, which doesn't make any sense because that ability got removed too. With Death From Above (RIP that beautiful, iconic animation) being replaced by this, I don't think PTs get any jetpack abilities that they use to go in the one direction it was designed to take them: UP. Instead, the jetpack is relegated to making Deadly Onslaught look even less logical, because where the hell did this backpack come from? I'm already wearing a rocket pack where it spawns!

My other major issue is with Shatter Slug. I'm a Mandalorian bounty hunter. I've won the Great Hunt. I'm rolling in more credits I can count from these Blacklist bounties. I think I can afford slightly higher grade munitions than resorting to shooting some sandcrawler trash I mugged some Jawas for from my wrists. Seriously, this thing looks and sounds like I'm whipping a small bundle of garbage at my enemies. Granted, my hate for this ability partly stems from the fact that it replaced Missile Blast, which was my go-to bread-and-butter ability I spammed when anything else I wanted to use was on cooldown. The longer cooldown of Shatter Slug just doesn't work as well, though I guess the AOE is nice enough. Knocking mooks around with a bunch of spammy missiles was half the reason I played PT.

From reading the preceding two paragraphs, you might be asking why I don't simply don't play Mercenary, seeing as it got to keep both of the abilities I loved so much. I gave it a couple tries, but the playstyle just doesn't mesh with me.
I love the ability to get up close and personal with Retractable Blade, Jet Charge (dumb decision moving it to level 60, by the way), and Rocket Punch, I just wish that the class hadn't become what is essentially a melee lad in disguise. Essentially, the only things changed about PT are the only things I wish it had. I always saw PT as mid-short range, and Merc as mid-long. With these changes, I feel like they cut the "mid" right out of it, at least for PT, and crippled what was my ideal class and playstyle.

I don't normally bother with the forums in most games I play, but I'm writing here in the hope that the devs see enough posts relating to this, and with some luck PT will be restored to the version that first sucked me into the game by the time I decide to give the game another try a few years down the line.

PS: About to post and I realized I forgot to mention the flamethrower. Very dumb that it's iconic enough to leave as the legacy ability yet somehow not important enough to have on the class itself.

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01.18.2019 , 06:09 AM | #2
exactly this
Make Powertech Awesome Again
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