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Vanguard PVP paradox

redggar's Avatar

03.18.2019 , 04:03 AM | #1
So i play vanguard for few weeks and this is happenig a lot (not in 4vs4 arenas)

If i use Plasmatech skill tree Im on top damage table but i can't win 1vs1
if i use Tactics skill tree Im in middle of damage table but i can win 1vs1 most of the time

I can't survive in fight for long (that cool heavy armor is made from paper ).
-As Plasmatech in group fight i try to hide and spread dots as fast as posible. Is good dmg but it take tooooo long to see results.
-As Tactics i have no such luxury to hide and attack but it have solid burst dmg but thats all.

its only me or u have similar experience ?

mrphstar's Avatar

03.18.2019 , 07:19 AM | #2
thats pretty much what these 2 specs are designed for.

tactics: high single target burst, weak aoe -> you win 1on1s if enemy is caught off guard.
plasmatech: high sustained damage, weaker burst compared to tactics, strong aoe -> you lose many 1on1s since you dont put any pressure on the opponent and dont have the DCDs for the long run as other classes have.

all in all you should lose most 1on1s even in tactics if your opppnent knows his DCDs since your are a glass canon and wont survibe long if they survive your burst window.

but if they ignore you in an 8v8 zerg, you gonna be a beast, even with tactics