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Dear Devs: Water is wet, and not all players wish to engage in all aspects of SWTOR

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Dear Devs: Water is wet, and not all players wish to engage in all aspects of SWTOR

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10.26.2020 , 03:04 PM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
You should have read the bit *after* what you quoted:

That is, the indicated thing is *rare*.
Then you should have paid more attention to my post when you quoted it and attempted to prove me wrong, and failed, again. Allow me to show you.

Quote: Originally Posted by ceryxp View Post
Yes, the hydrogen-oxygen bond is how water forms in the first place. Two hydrogen atoms bonded with one oxygen atom (H2O). It is possible for a water molecule to form a bond with another water molecule wherein one hydrogen atom shares with the other water molecule creating a hydroxide hydronium (which I mentioned above) pairing (HO- H3O+), but such pairings are not common under standards conditions.
Now put my comment into context with the comment I was replying to. I will point out the relevant part for you, again.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheVicious View Post
Water molecules are always hydrogen bonded to other water molecules. In other words, water molecules are saturated by other water molecules thus, water is wet.
Water, being a liquid, can not be wet. Wet is the state of a solid being coated with and adhered to by a liquid. That is physics.

Further, my original reply to that post was meant as a joke considering I said:
Quote: Originally Posted by ceryxp View Post
...huffing vaporized hydrogen hydroxide.
Which would just be water vapour.

My suggestion. Stick to correcting people about programming.
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