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QoL: Master Mode (Nightmare) Operation Mount Drop Rates and Consistency

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QoL: Master Mode (Nightmare) Operation Mount Drop Rates and Consistency

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11.15.2018 , 02:18 AM | #51

Listen to this guy, He's a 5%er. He knows what he's talking about.

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11.16.2018 , 11:43 PM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by Hoppinswtor View Post
I'd be fine with this, but ONLY if all nim content (or at the very least the dps checks) is buffed to 248 tier in 5.10 (and preferably 252 tier).

Simply put, it's way too easy to get the top NiM rewards as it currently stands, and it'll be even easier in 5.10. Nobody should be entitled to Nightmare titles and mounts. The same sense of entitlement can be applied to the ranked scene (and the win trading that plagues it) but I digress. Participation trophies are lame.

NiM is already laughably easy to DPS; people should have to be the best at their classes to clear the hardest content in a game. When a dot spec can sleepwalk through the calphy orb or raptus challenge simply because they have 3 teammates who are can push their buttons, that's a problem. You should have to plan and save your offensive cooldowns for raid challenges and respec from fight to fight based on the dynamics of the encounter. I mean, you can carry Captain 7k DPS through NiM content now - WITHOUT popping crystals! Why should someone get NiM rewards for free when they are too lazy or inexperienced to parse more than 9500 on a dummy in full gear (and yes that includes Arsenal), let alone in a raid scenario.

I realize that Brontes is still a difficult fight relative to the others, so I'm fine with a 100 percent drop rate there. DP should be 50/50 since it's pretty easy (even roles that have personal accountability, such as kiting Raptus or Bestia, are fairly easy after a bit of practice). Titan 6, hyperpod, and ec tank should all be a 33 percent drop with the current level of difficulty (and a 10 percent drop in 5.10 if the content isn't upgraded).

MMOs should reward hard work and dedication, so either buff the content and provide consistent rewards, or keep the content easy like it currently is (from a DPS perspective) and give people tokens so they have to grind content to purchase mounts, like ranked.

Or, even simpler, create a Nightmare+ mode with new titles and a 100 percent drop rates on EVERYTHING. How hard would it be to program? It would probably take an afternoon.
while i agree with 90% of your post, i fear you underestimate the effort developing and balancing a new mode would need.