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Combat Log Parser Round-Up & Instructions

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Combat Log Parser Round-Up & Instructions

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04.12.2012 , 05:12 AM | #1
Combat Log Round-Up & Instructions

Hey everyone, it's Zoopercat from Ask Mr. Robot. I wanted to share a round-up of all of the combat log parsers, since so many people worked so hard on making tools for the rest of the community to use. I also figure this thread would be a nice way to ask questions and request features, that way, all of the combat log authors can see what users want, and everyone can make better tools with the same feedback.

Keep in mind, these parsers have had limited testing, so if you find a bug, feel free to report it. It’s helpful if you can provide a link to your log as well.

How to use combat logging:
  1. Open "Preferences" in your game (screenshot)
  2. Go to the "Combat Logging" tab (screenshot)
  3. Check the box that says "Enable Combat Logging," then click the "Apply" button
  4. Pro Tip: You can uncheck & recheck that box right before an operation (or flashpoint) to start a fresh log file
  5. To find your combat log, go to the "My Documents" folder on your desktop, open the "Star Wars - The Old Republic" folder. Then open the folder titled, "Combat Logs." Pro tip: sort by date, and grab the most recent one.

View the Feature Chart here, which takes the info from this thread and lists it in a feature comparison chart. I was looking for several features as a user, and checked up on all of the parsers yesterday to get the latest features and screenshots.
  • Accurate: I tested the log with a Black Talon run, and a log from Zorn and Toth. I compared results and gave an accurate rating if the log was within 1% of the actual DPS (total damage / length of fight). If you need a sample log, you can use my Black Talon run at level 16. Zoopercat PST and Erlking EST
  • Share Log: can I get a permalink to share the report results with a friend or guild mate?
  • Merge Logs: can logs from various group members be uploaded and merged together to show overall boss fight numbers?

Web Based Combat Log Parsers:

Ask Mr. Robot

TorParse - Relaunched!
Frying Time:
  • Author: Aldoria
  • Accurate: Yes
  • Share Logs: Yes
  • Merge Logs: No
  • Other Notes: Nice, clean fight lists. Also has a death log to show you what happened right before you died, in human-readable-color-coded text.
  • Screenshot

Not The Guild:
  • Author: Cymricus
  • Accurate: Yes (number will look higher than other tools, because it calculates DPS only while actively casting)
  • Share Logs: No
  • Merge Logs: Yes (upload them all as a zip file)
  • Screenshot

  • Author: WavirNabi
  • Accurate:Yes (author recently updated it)
  • Share Logs: Yes (added in late April)
  • Merge Logs: Yes (create a raid group)
  • Other Notes: Shows death logs. Thread on Forums
  • Screenshot

Black Sheep Troopers:
  • Author: Bladrak
  • Accurate: DPS was 5-10% too high, but some of my logs wouldn’t upload. So it’s possible some raid logs are more accurate. Bladrak is currently looking into this (4/15)
  • Share Logs: Yes
  • Merge Logs: Yes (share through the guild panel)
  • Other Notes: Requires login, thread on forums
  • Screenshot

DPS Meter by Tenacity
  • Author: Beardchef (Fwny and Freddie)
  • Accurate: Yes
  • Share logs: Yes
  • Merge Logs: Yes
  • Other Notes: This is not a live dps meter like MOX, it's a web parser with a very nice interface.
  • Screenshot

Non Web-Based Combat Log Parsers

NEW! Live Raid Damage Meter: SWMoniTOR (plus web-based upload option)
Live Raid Damage Meter: MOX:
  • Author: Ginnai
  • Accurate: Yes
  • Share Logs: You can look at your raid’s logs by entering your raid ID on the website. You cannot share individual logs that you upload. (This author responds very fast to user requests, so if you’d like that feature, let him know)
  • Merge Logs: Yes (if you use the damage meter, it merges based on the raid ID)
  • Other Notes: Includes overlay windows to use while in-game. Watch a Video in Action

Robust Reporting Tool, SCLR:

Other Tools

ACT Plugin:
CSS Template for Coloring Combat Text:

Non-English Tools:

Web-Based Combat Log Parser, Betalyzer (German):
  • Author: Marduc, on MMO-Mechanics
  • Accurate: Yes
  • Share Logs: No
  • Merge Logs: No
  • Other Notes: Just released an english version. Login as demouser, click 'optionen' in upper right. Choose 'english' in the drop down menu.
  • Screenshot

Communidad Swtor (Spanish)More info coming soon.

If I am missing anyone's combat log parser, let me know!! Also, as features get added in, post a reply and I'll update the original post

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04.12.2012 , 08:04 AM | #2
Would love to get mine in here

It's a simple .exe parser to analyze your own logs. Simple GUI and simple options.



Skygge - Bloodworthy EU

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04.12.2012 , 11:34 AM | #3
So, you are the author of TorMeter? I can hit up Zoop and have her add the information to the original post.

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04.12.2012 , 12:08 PM | #4
Bookmarked and Thanks all.
Dread Pirates - Server: Darth Bandon

Hunkberget's Avatar

04.12.2012 , 12:37 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Revulva View Post
So, you are the author of TorMeter? I can hit up Zoop and have her add the information to the original post.
Well, I suspect someone else might have developed something with the same name as I, but yes; I've coded the one I linked.

Would love to get it on the list. It's a nice thing to have if you just want a quick analysis of your own performance.

Zoopercat's Avatar

04.12.2012 , 01:08 PM | #6
I'll add this to the list in a minute here. I'll note that it's a different tool as well.

Lyynk's Avatar

04.12.2012 , 01:14 PM | #7
Nice list you have here, thanks for putting me on it.

JonathanDark's Avatar

04.12.2012 , 01:26 PM | #8
Thanks for doing this, Zoopercat! It's nice to have a single place to discuss features for all of the parsers.

However, there may be some value in noting the latest threads for each parser so that people can file bug reports against specific parsers, and so developers don't have to comb through this entire thread looking for bugs specifically meant for them. I'm not talking about the old threads on the PTS forum, as the forum is closed now. What I mean is the new threads started by the authors themselves since Patch 1.2.

There's only a few so far, but I expect more parser authors will create threads in the next day or so. If those links don't find their way here, I'll post updates.




Black Sheep Troopers

Zoopercat's Avatar

04.12.2012 , 01:41 PM | #9
JonathanDark, good idea! I updated the OP and will keep an eye out for more threads.

Hunkberget, I have your tool added as 'the other TORmeter' - if you want a different title let me know Also, I haven't had a chance to check out your tool, so if you can tell me if you have the following features, I'll fill it in: merge logs, share logs, anything else of note?

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04.13.2012 , 06:07 AM | #10
The original posted TorMeter is actually mine as well, so you can just remove it. The link was dead, so didn't notice it linked to, a community where I posted an early version.

The reason I didn't think it was mine was that I intentionally kept it away from the forums until now.

So pretty please just clean up my mess! ^^

Thanks alot for doing the compilation dude, awezome job!