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A gaming life

xordevoreaux's Avatar

04.05.2019 , 04:33 AM | #1
I'm posting this in the off-topic forum because it doesn't really address any in-game issue.

1999 saw my introduction to the MMO world when I bought a Voodoo card along with a copy of Everquest.
I've played a lot of MMOs and other games since.

For as much heart and energy as I at one time put into my guild in Everquest2 and that game in general, it struck me, after reminiscing about my investment in online games from 1999 to now, that I've never poured as much of an investment into any game as I have SWTOR, and that includes these forums.

When this game is dead and gone, and these forums produce a 404 (or a redirect page) when you attempt to access them, I can easily say I'll never put as much energy into any online game again.

SWTOR is it for me. I may play other games in the future, and I currently make mods for Skyrim SE and Sims 4, but SWTOR is my final investment. All other online games in the future for me will just be... games. You won't see my gaming handle on any of their forums.

So, Bioware/EA, congratulations. This game has captured my imagination and support more than any game ever has, and hopefully it'll be around for a long time to come, way beyond the original IP licensing deal with Disney, so despite all of the game's shortcomings and criticisms, with some of those criticisms definitely coming from me...

good job.
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04.05.2019 , 09:51 AM | #2
Interesting, thanks for telling a bit of your story. And I feel the same, there isn't any single game or even saga I've put as much time into as SWTOR, be it interacting on the forums or playing the game. I was never too much into MMOs either, I had played a few (Mu:Away, Toontown Online, Grand Fantasia, Shaiya) but never actually got into the proper endgame until SWTOR, and it was only possible because the story had me so immersed I couldn't get enough of it.

Though I did have played a few RPGs before, which helped me fall in love with the setting of this game I suppose, action games and the like. Most of my current tastes , as far as gaming genres began, to solidify after I gained an Xbox 360 and played Skyrim, then I got into ME as well and that's when I fell in love with Bioware games. Eventually I also played DA and fell in love with it, as well playing KOTOR I and II for the sake of understanding as much as I can about the Star Wars univese and SWTOR itself. I've also branched off into other games, last year I went on a binge of playing Morrowind and Oblivion then most of the Fallout saga. Anyway enough about that before I end up writing a wall of text.

Even with all the ups and downs in both MMO content and story I've stuck through because it was still enough to keep me immersed in this rich saga, SWTOR actually made me want to learn more about the Star Wars EU now re-branded as Legends a chronology which solidified Star Wars Legends as my favorite saga. I hope this game remains for years to come as its the last part of Legends that still continues and I genuinely still love SWTOR so I'm always hoping for more.
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04.06.2019 , 05:46 PM | #3
MMO's were not my thing before SWTOR. I started playing SWTOR, because it is about Star Wars. And only after playing for months I started to see how vast the presented universe is and how much a Star Wars fan can benefit of visiting all these worlds.

Quote: Originally Posted by xordevoreaux View Post
When this game is dead and gone, and these forums produce a 404...
I think it would be first limiting the servers to just one, probably together with halting of addition of new scenarios/missions/features. Probably many people would still want to go through all the stories, even 10 years from now. I wonder if maybe 20? And one server with minimal maintenance covered with subscriptions, I guess there would be some, would be sufficient to keep it going for some years.

And then, possibly we could see something what happened with Star Wars Galaxies, that emulator projects were created and people can still play this game, kinda in abandonware realm.
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